It´s really hard to hold your audience's attention in today's digital world. Even more so if we consider that the attention span has decreased to 8.25 seconds on average. Why is this fact so important for video marketers? In this blog post we'll explain why you should REALLY care about this.



Our attention, focus and concentration is becoming “the big challenge” for marketers: they need to find new ways of grabbing their audience´s attention, and delivering their key message in a VERY short period of time, without losing effectiveness and impact.

This is pushed by many different factors, such as the idiosyncrasy of the Internet itself, the huge amount of information we're all exposed to (and consequently, the urgent need brands have in generating valuable and unique content), the large flux of stimuli that bombs us permanently, the use of different devices at the same time, and the hyper-connectivity of the digital era, among many others.

In this context, and just for you to have a big picture of how internet users are behaving on this matter, we've picked out some interesting data from an infographic published by Hubspot:

  • Our attention span has drastically decreased in just 15 years, from 2000 to 2015. While in the year 2000, the average attention span was 12 seconds, in 2015 it was 8.25.
  • This means we all have shorter attention spans than goldfish, which is around 9 seconds long. We're all easily distracted. For instance, an office worker, on average, will check their email inbox 30 times every hour! Another example: the average user picks up their phone more than 1,500 times a week, taking up an average of 3 hours, 16 minutes a day.
  • The average amount of time watched in a single internet video is 2.7 minutes. This is a pretty short amount of time!


Talking about marketing video...there's also another fact that reflects how our attention span has decreased. According to a study carried out by Comscore, the amount of video Americans watch online has stayed pretty steady, but the length of each individual video has shrunk from nearly 7 minutes to just over 5 minutes.


8 seconds. That´s the amount of time you have to capture the attention of the viewer. But there's more: consider that after those 8 seconds you'll have to find the way to keep their interest alive and give them a good reason to stay focused. Not only to stay focused, but also to remember “something” about your content.   

It might be obvious, but let's ask ourselves once again: why are these 8 seconds so important for explainer video marketing? Because viewers decide if they want to keep on watching the explainer videos within the first few seconds, and that's why you need to hook their attention at the very beginning (and also keep it). In a way, you have to make the first shot awesome and spark their curiosity.

The interesting thing about this concept is knowing that you have to put in all your effort and creativity into the video in order to deliver the right message to your audience and get them to notice you, among the numerous stimuli they're all exposed to every minute.  


In this sense, there are several tactics that video marketing brings to you and are at your disposal to help you successfully grab (and also hold) your viewer's´attention, while helping them remember the right message. But we will talk about this in upcoming posts. Just stay tuned to our blog to get some useful tips on how you can get the most out of these critical seconds!


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