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Hey! Have you heard about “inbound marketing”? It's one of the most used terms in the marketing world nowadays, and that's not a coincidence: it is a highly useful tool to attract and guide your prospects through each stage of the sales funnel. Want to learn more? We have developed a helpful video that quickly explains this technique and we'll also summarize some key concepts you can't skip. Enjoy it!


Inbound Marketing: What To Know

At Yum Yum we are passionate about developing explainer videos. But we also have some other important goals in mind: helping you design a smart video content strategy to attract new leads, educate them about the great benefits of your product and, ultimately, encourage them to purchase it.

Creating a smart strategy with valuable video content is a huge challenge we love to face. And we are plenty aware of how important it is for brands to approach leads by delivering relevant and interesting content. That's why we took some basic concepts and educative material  of one of the main referents in the inbound marketing world: Hubspot.  

Based on them, we developed this brief video that quickly summarizes what Inbound Marketing is and the main stages of the sales funnel. Check it out!



Concept, Stages And Formats

Did you enjoy it? :) Now let's refresh some of the main concepts covered in this video.

Firstly: what is Inbound Marketing? It's a marketing strategy that aims at attracting, educating and empowering consumers by using valuable content that helps and guides them until they are ready to purchase your product.

And, as you know, inbound marketing goes hand in hand with the concept of “buyer's journey” (also known as “sales funnel”), which is made up of 3 key stages:

#1: Awareness: at this stage, your prospect is aware of a certain problem or need he has and is looking for the best alternatives to address them.

#2: Consideration: here, your prospect is comparing and analyzing the different options he finds in the market to get to the best solution.

#3: Decision: at the decision stage, your prospect finally makes up his mind and picks out the vendor that will help him with his pain point.  

So, if you aim for providing your target audience with relevant content, you have to:

  • Understand in depth your target audience´s needs and pain points.
  • Analyze how your product can help them with their problem.
  • Communicate that in an effective manner, by using engaging formats that also boost brand awareness.

And what types of formats can you resort to? You have a bunch of alternatives! From ebooks, infographics, whitepapers, and blog posts, to videos, newsletters, case studies and podcasts, just to name a few.  

The most important thing is that you choose the right ones according to your marketing goals and target audience.


Carrying out an inbound marketing strategy will bring nothing but benefits: it will have a direct impact on your brand awareness and lead generation efforts, while you will also be educating your prospects about the key benefits of your product and consequently speeding up the sales process overall.

Want to learn more about this smart video content strategy? Check out this information and learn what each stage implies!

And if you want to dive deeper and learn how to use specific video content for each of these stages, don't miss these blog posts!

See you soon!


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