In case you don't know, you can find a specific explainer video style that perfectly fits with your marketing goals and target audience.

But today, our star will be Motion Graphics, a very versatile animated marketing video type that gives you the chance to explain complex ideas in a very simple way. Let's dive deeper into the benefits of this particular style!

It's Perfect To Explain Complex Concepts

As we were just saying, Motion Graphics is the best style you could choose if you need to pass out a complex idea but in a simple and straightforward way. This means that if you have a startup or SMB from the financial or technology industry, for instance, you should choose the motion graphics video style.

Check out this cool example so that you can get the big picture of what we're talking about:

It Has An Amazing Synthesis Power

Motion Graphics has one special characteristic, it can combine colorful graphics in an educational but attractive way. If a video is worth a thousand words, just try to imagine the power and impact a video like this could have!


It Turns Boring Information Into Appealing Content

We were saying that Motion Graphics are great for passing out complex concepts and, in line with this, it’s also the best style to turn boring information, such as statistics or facts, into very attractive and engaging content. Watch this animated marketing video to understand what we mean:

It's One Of The Most Formal Styles of Video Content

Do you need to give your video a special elegant and sophisticated touch? Then go with Motion Graphics. Among all explainer video styles, this is one of the most “formal” types, but at the same time, it doesn't lose its charm and visual appeal.


It Explains How A Product Works In Just A Matter Of Seconds

You don't need to create tedious and complex content to explain the features of your product. Instead, you can resort to Motion Graphics  by animating different graphic elements, this style makes it REALLY easy for your target audience to understand how your product works, in just a matter of seconds.

Check out this example in which the graphic elements speak for themselves!

It Can Be Combined With Other Techniques

One of the best things about Motion Graphics is its versatility and ability to be combined with other explainer video styles, such as Live Action, Character Animation, or Whiteboard Animation. These other complementary styles give Motion Graphics the emotional and personal touch they lack... so, in a way, it's a perfect combination of two worlds! If you want to learn more about how they can be mixed, check out this article.


As you can see, Motion Graphics has a lot of benefits and it can be a great ally for many companies. But, in case you feel that it's not the right choice for you, you can watch this brief tutorial in which we go over other explainer video styles that could work better for your specific business. Enjoy it!

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