Best_Animated_Explainer_Video_Style_thumbnailThere are many types of animated marketing videos, some are more used than others, but they all have one thing in common: they work excellently at promoting products or services in an engaging and entertaining way. 

And even though, all animated video production styles are awesome it’s important to know when it is good to use one type instead of another and that’s exactly why today we’ll talk about the 3 most popular best explainer video styles!


Let’s check them out!

Cartoon Videos

In a cartoon animation, the ones who drive the story are the characters and their adventures. Here, the main character is presented with a big problem that he can’t solve, but then the twist comes when your brand appears as the savior of the day!

The characters usually represent your brand persona, so it’s very important to customize them well so they can resemble your spectators. Not everybody knows how to do this correctly, so make sure to hire a professional explainer video company that can produce the best animated video production for your business that fits like a glove for your target audience.

Cartoon videos are very entertaining and not only that, but they also quickly grab the audience’s attention, are very memorable and fun to watch. Besides they’re perfect for building trust towards your brand.

Motion Graphics

This animation style consists of giving movement to graphic elements and making them look much more dynamic. Its use is mostly recommended when your product or service has a more professional profile, like -for example- a financial app.

Among its benefits, we can point out that apart from being very engaging, it works really well when there is a need of explaining it in a simple way, something that otherwise, could be hard to expose.

Here’s a motion graphics video example:

Motion graphics don’t necessarily need to be by themselves; they can be mixed with other animated video styles like cartoon or 3D animation and the results will be wonderful!

Watch the example below to see what a motion graphic video, combined with 3D elements, looks like:

Whiteboard Videos

This is one the most popular video styles there are because everybody enjoys watching how a story is being created right in front of their eyes.

Originally these videos were made by literally having an illustrator drawing on a whiteboard while they were being filmed on camera. But nowadays the entire whiteboard video production is done digitally.
This videos are perfect for instantly grabbing the audience’s attention and retaining it, so we recommend using them if your message has an educational approach.

This style is ideal for explaining complex concepts and bringing back the good old memories of past years, including elements from classic sci-fi films or retro video games.

Check out this whiteboard video we made for a clickfraud detection service:

We hope our exposition of the 3 most popular animated marketing video styles can be useful and we encourage you to use one of them to promote your product or service. Also you can watch our video “What is the best explainer video production style for your business?” so you can make up your mind about which one to choose.



Nevertheless remember to always count on the help of a professional animated explainer video company (like us!) so you can have truly good results in your marketing campaign and therefore increase your sales.

To know more about how to always make the best video, don’t leave our site without first passing by our Explainer Video Academy where you can download free educational eBooks, look at cool infographics and read some slides!


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