Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-Styles-3-THUMBIf you know what an animated marketing video is and you’re a businessperson, then you probably want to promote your brand with it. But before asking a professional explainer video company to make one for you, you should first choose which explainer video style is best to go with your product or service.

And the good news is that we can help you with that!  In this post we will not tell you right away which animated marketing video to use (because we don’t know what your business is about). But what we’ll do is to give you the tools to decide which one is better for your brand.

Let’s not waste any time and begin learning. Watch our video “What is the best Explainer Video Style for your Business”, so you can have a sneak peak of each animated video type:


Cartoon Animation

This animated marketing video style uses cartoon character animation to explain what the product or service is about. It’s among the most popular marketing video types due to its power of engagement for being funny and entertaining

One excellent particularity of this style is the use of cute lovable animated characters your viewers can connect to. But in order to achieve this and have the best explainer video, the characters must resemble your audience and share -for example- the same job, age and most importantly, the same problem.

This style is perfect for building brand trust towards your brand and it would be a great choice for you to choose if you’re targeting, small businesses or startups.

See here is a perfect example of what a cartoon animation marketing video should look like:


Whiteboard Animation

This animated marketing video is one of the favorites! Everybody likes and enjoys a good whiteboard video. It consists in narrating the story with the help of drawings that are made by a drawing hand on a whiteboard.

Originally, these videos were sort of rudimentary and were created by filming an illustrator actually drawing on a whiteboard, but nowadays everything is digitally made. This allowed us to introduce things like animated characters and special effects to make the video way more engaging.

Whiteboard animation videos have an educational approach and they’re excellent tools for explaining complex concepts, so when you have something to teach or you need to explain how a complicated product or service works, like for example computer software, this would be a perfect option.

Look at how we explained what clickfraud detection service is about in this whiteboard animation:


Motion Graphics

This animated explainer video style has a more serious approach than the others and it’s great for explaining abstract or complex concepts.

This type of marketing video basically consists of giving movement to graphic elements, to make the explanation of a product or service more dynamic and less boring.

The explainer video companies that make this kind of video (like us) use metaphors, syntaxes and a powerful pallet of colors to convey complicated messages that otherwise would be difficult to communicate.

Motion graphics videos are recommended to use for business-to-business marketing and also when your brand is financial or technological, like this one we made a motion graphic video for:


3D Animation

This animated video style is truly amazing, but also the most expensive one.

Due to its cost, we only recommend this animated marketing video style to companies with a big budget, because for startups or limited budget businesses, it would be too difficult or nearly impossible to pay for a marketing video with these characteristics.

However, a more affordable way of applying 3D animation to your video is by using this technique in a few special segments during the video, making them stand out among the rest. Here’s a clear example from one of our clients:


But don’t be discouraged, as you’ve read upwards there are many animated video types, so all you have to do is think about what your company needs, how big your investment can be and then choose which animated video style is best to promote your brand. Remember to always select the best explainer video company (or you can just give us a call!) so you can truly have a great final result.

Now, if you want to know more about the types of marketing videos there are, download our free educational eBook “Explainer Video The Ultimate Marketing Tool” and visit our Explainer Video Academy to get some great video marketing tips. Or else keep browsing our blog to get the best explainer video production tips.

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