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Although you may find that there are many types of animated marketing videos, the truth is that some of them are more popular and effective than others. We want you to get the most out of this great marketing tool, so today we're presenting the 5 best explainer video styles you can resort to. Read on!

Best Explainer Video Styles:

  • Character animation video
  • Screencast video
  • Whiteboard animation video
  • Motion graphics video
  • Live action video

Character Animation Video

It uses custom designed animated characters to bring a good dose of emotion and personality to your brand. By telling a catchy and entertaining story, it explains how the main character solves your target audience's problems with the help of your product/service.

Screencast Video

This style simply uses a screen capture or even a video filmed on a computer or smartphone to give a thorough explanation about your product. It's generally used for educational or try-before-you-buy campaigns.

Whiteboard Animation Video

In whiteboard animation videos, the story is told in front of the viewer’s eye, the drawing hand on the whiteboard instantly grabs the audience’s attention and retains it. This style is great for educational purposes.

Motion Graphics Video

This style uses graphic elements (shapes, colors and patterns) to deliver a message through a smooth movement. It combines a sophisticated style that uses syntax and metaphors, and a full pallet of colors that makes it even more engaging. Motion graphics techniques can be mixed with character animation video.

Live Action Video

Live action videos are recorded using a camera. They work well for companies that need to build a more personal approach by showing real people in real scenes. This style can be combined with 3D elements or with other techniques, such as motion graphics.

Would you like to see them all compiled into one single video? :) Don't miss this fun and practical tutorial we've made for you!

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