Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-ANIMATION-thumbThere are many ways of making an explainer video to promote your brand across the web: you could record a talking-head video, make a screen capture of your service, or you can go fully animated!

But why go animated? Why choose this particular technique over the others?

Today we’ll explain the advantages of making your marketing videos fully animated. Let’s check them out:


1. The Explanatory Power

Animation allows you to synthesize the most complex concepts, making them easy for you to explain and easier for people to learn. And it does this in a quick and visually entertaining way.

One of the most popular animation techniques to use to explain complex subjects is motion graphics. Check it out:


However, 2D cartoon animation and particularly whiteboard animated videos are also excellent video styles to use to disclose complex explanations, and they add a greater emotional approach and usually some humor, like this one over here:


2. No Boundaries

There’s no limit on what you can achieve with an animated explainer video: you can create a dreamy landscape, a big city or even space backgrounds, characters can be marketers and ninjas at the same time, your imagination is the only limit! (And all included in the same budget).

Check out this cool animated marketing video, in which the main character visits Gigtown, the rocking world that every music buff dreams of:


3. Branding

With an animated explainer video, it’s easier to apply the colors of your brand all over to build brand awareness, and also use fun characters to represent your target audience. Get some expert marketing video branding tips over here.

Look at how we used the colors of the brand (light blue and green) in this animated marketing video in order to increase brand awareness:


Ok, you might love animated videos and at the same time love live-action videos (or for some reason you need to showcase a real person in the video) then which one should you choose? Well, let me change the question and ask you: why not make both?

Live action and animation suit each other perfectly, they give your video a human approach but keep the synthesis power of animation at the same time.

Watch this neat marketing video that combines super live-action with some powerful motion graphics:


The truth is, there’s no better or worse technique. The choice of an explainer video style over the others relies on your target audience, the nature of your brand, your marketing objectives, and on how you’re going to approach your potential customers.

Here’s a fun animated video of ours that will help you to choose the best explainer video style for your business (and give you some advice on how to use each one of them):

But don’t leave us so soon! For more expert advice on animated marketing videos, please visit our Explainer Video Academy and download our free eBooks, infographics and slides to boost your video marketing campaigns on social media, or else keep browsing our daily blog to get the best explainer video production tips.

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