What if your brand drops its corporate “mask” at least for a while?

We're not talking about behaving in an odd way or losing principles. We're talking about becoming more human and embracing conversations with your customers. And here is when live video comes into the scene. Did you know that live streaming video can help you enrich your customer's experience? Keep on reading to learn how it influences your video marketing strategy and how you can use it effectively.


At The Top Of The Hill

You've probably heard about how video content can enhance any marketing campaign you're carrying out. The thing is that, among all video content strategies, live streaming video has become one of the most popular ones. Not only popular, but also effective: it's a great resource for any brand that wants to go one step further in its relationship with their customers.  

So, as a first step, keep this in mind: live streaming video is rocking the web and it's booming every video marketing strategy out there.

The 3 Heavy-Weights

Second step: understanding which platforms and social networks offer you the possibility to leverage live video. Who's leading the market? Periscope, Facebook and YouTube. Let's quickly review just some of their features.


You might have heard about it. It's a free app that enables marketers to do live streaming video from their smartphones. Viewers can send their feedback in real time by making comments and using hearts. It can be associated with Twitter and it has some other interesting features, such as replay, making private videos for specific audiences, and managing notifications.


Facebook Live

This is Facebook's baby, which has some interesting features. For instance, it gives you the chance to broadcast live video to your profile, but also pages, groups and events. You can also get immediate insights about how many people are watching your video  and get analytics after the broadcast has ended. Talking about engagement, people can  interact with your video by sending comments and reactions.


YouTube Mobile Live Streaming

This is another option for marketers to broadcast video from their mobile phones. YouTube Mobile Live Streaming also offers incoming chat messages from viewers and the possibility to limit viewing to a specific audience. The interesting thing in this case is that, just like with any other video content on this platform, streaming can be searched, found through recommendations and playlists, and protected from unauthorized uses.


How Can You Use Live Video Streaming Effectively?

Of course, live video can be highly beneficial for every brand. But the key thing here is following some basic guidelines to use it effectively. Let me share with you some valuable tips.

  • - Have a clear idea of what type of content you want to broadcast: live streaming video can be used in many different situations (product launches, interviews, Q&A sessions, etc.. Always make sure you have a clear idea on what type of content you want to broadcast and have a specific strategy for it.
  • - Make it human and personal: the great thing about live streaming video is that it gives you the chance to connect on a human-to-human level. Take advantage of this! Make your broadcast “real” and make sure it facilitates a two-way exchange.
  • - Structure the content and the topics that will be presented: although, as we've mentioned, maybe you need to switch to a Plan B, it's always recommendable that you work on a well-structured script, so you can use it as a guide on the content you'll be presenting.
  • - Follow up on the reactions of your audience: a two-way connection, remember? The reactions of your viewers should be a priority for you. Make sure you have an assistant who can follow up on the comments and questions people have, and how they react, so that you can learn what type of content works best. This is also vital to generate more engagement with them.

There are many things we could say about live streaming video, but this is ok for a first quick snapshot :) Stay tuned for more information!

Meanwhile, we invite you to surf our Explainer Video Academy to get some other useful tips on video marketing.


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