Do you usually get by with small-time results or do you always go for the best?

In video marketing, “fine” is not the same as “great”, and in today's blog post you'll learn why identifying such differences is essential for optimizing your marketing results.

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It's Fine vs. It's Great

Do some research and you'll find some explainer videos that are just fine, and some others that are simply great and have premium quality. Two worlds apart. You might be asking yourself if it's just about a subtle semantic difference. No no... there's a radical difference between both of them. To start, great videos are memorable. They also have an amazing power to convey a solid and clear message. Additionally, the quality of the development is -honestly- fabulous. They add value to the brand and the product itself. They are aimed at raising brand awareness due to the way they are conceived and created. Ok. And what are the main factors that, in our opinion, make a premium video? We've chosen some of the most important ones below.

What Makes A Video Just Premium?

At Yum Yum Videos we always go for the best quality. Premium quality = premium results. Of course, there are different elements that end up having a huge impact on the outcome. Check them out!

An eye on the details

Each stage of the video production process has to be developed with focus, dedication and attention to detail. This is the only way you can get to a high quality video in every aspect: designs, characters, animations, transitions, message, and all the other elements that make part of the footage.


A solid and multidisciplinary team

A talented team is the basis to get to a premium result. The mix of profiles and skills will be the key to success: script writers, art directors, producers, illustrators, marketers...and, of course, fluent teamwork.

A highly trained team

To optimize results, every member of the team has to be informed and updated with the latest trends in video production. It's also vital that they are trained in narrative, animation, illustration and marketing.

Treat each video as a short movie

To get to a premium video, video should be treated with all the professionalism, devotion and thoughtfulness that a short movie would demand. The power of video should never be underestimated. If so, the output will be mediocre.


Double check the process

Each step of the video production process has to be checked and double checked by different members of the team, with different perspectives. That's the only way you can perfect the outcome.

A well-prepared video production company

Last but not least, the video production company itself needs to have a deep knowledge of video marketing techniques and customer experience. This is a must in order to develop an effective high quality video.

So... do you need to hire a video production company who can help you in the development of your next premium video? Download this free eBook and find some useful tips to make this key choice.

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