When choosing a video production company, it's vital to find a vendor that is capable of establishing an open dialogue with clients.

Is a must to keep fluid communication, and let them participate in all stages of the production process. This is not just a suggestion; it has a raison d'être. Keep on reading and discover why!


Go With The Flow

Client's feedback is a key element to assure the fluency of the video production process. And it's also important to provide that feedback in different key stages of the production phases (such as the creative brief, the kick off meeting, the script, and others). Tip: The video production company, ideally, should have a clear process set in mind, through which the client can give their suggestions and discuss possible changes. At Yum Yum, we follow a simple process to give the client the chance to participate in every single stage. Check out this article and learn more!

Meet Expectations

Feedback is also essential to bring transparency to the production process. “Putting cards on the table” lets the production company know in depth the client's expectations, and work on a product that meets those goals. To get the best results, it's vital that both client and vendor keep constant open back and forth feedback in order to be 100% aligned with each other.

Unify Both Visions

Giving feedback is also about unifying the client's vision (or, in other words, their needs) with the vendor's vision (or better said, their expertise). Through the feedback process, the video production company will be able to get all the necessary information to work on the explainer video that the client has in mind. Obviously, the main goal of every video company if satisfying the client's needs, and feedback plays a key role in this sense.


Animated video production for "CIRCUPRESS" by Yum Yum Videos.

As you can see, the client's feedback is essential to fully understand their expectations and needs, gather all the necessary information for the creation of the marketing video, and give them the possibility to bring out any suggestions they might have during the development process.

When picking out a video production company, always remember to look for a vendor that has the skills to set up an open dialogue with their clients. Of course, choosing the right video production company is not an easy task, and there are several factors that play an important role. We invite you to download this free eBook in which we sum up the main aspects you should consider when making this video marketing decision. Good luck!

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