the-importance-of-color-as-a-marketing-toolToday´s society is becoming more and more attracted to visual imaginary, and color plays an extremely important role in our lives. Color not only influences the way we think, act and react, it also has the power to raise our respiration and heart rate, irritate our eyes, raise our blood pressure, and even influence our mood and thoughts. That’s why understanding color meaning is crucial for a killer video marketing plan, particularly if you are a start-up.

The attraction produced by colors stimulates the nervous system and evokes emotional states. This makes the situation feel real, which increases the appeal of a brand in the eyes of potential customers, and therefore generates higher conversion rates.

This amazing infographic shows how the colors are related to a brand.

Color Emotion Guide


When creating an explainer video the color scheme should be taken into consideration not only to address the right market but also so as not to generate rejection from the audience you want to attract. Colors are not universal and their implications can vary depending of each culture. In some nations of Latin America red is the color of religion, while in the Middle East it evokes a feeling of caution, and a sense of celebration in Japan.

Do you know how to use colors effectively to market your brand?

Well, considering their meaning is a good way to start:


Is the strongest of all colors. Red evokes passion, lust, energy, anger, love and war. It raises heart rates and breathing and is associated with the pituitary gland. It can be used to catch people’s attention in a moderate way.


Represents health, serenity and wealth, but may vary depending on its shades. Light greens are relaxing, while dark ones evoke motivation, creativity and energy. Green is a good color to generate a sense of balance.


Conveys feelings of tranquility, security, mysticism and trust, and is the main color used in web design. It´s highly associated with the sky and the sea. Blues are fantastic for financial institutions, websites, airlines, healthcare and technology.


In most societies it is linked with the sun. Count on yellow to induce hope, light, warmth and optimism. Eyes tend to prioritize bright yellows before others in an energetic and invigorating way.


Is associated with happiness and joy. Orange represents creativity, success, enthusiasm, attraction and stimulation. To the human eye, orange is a very hot color although it is not as aggressive as red.


Mixes the passion of red and the tranquility of blue, reminding royalty, sophistication and creativity. Try a light purple to make a design look luxurious or a dark one to suggest romance or suspense.

Black, white and brown

Are neutral colors and are commonly used for backgrounds. Use white to suggest simplicity or brown to connote elegance.

It’s not a coincidence that Google and Windows are multi-colored, Coca Cola´s logo is red and McDonald’s is yellow. There are many good reasons behind the selection of those colors. A good designer should use this knowledge to connect with customers and better understand their needs - no matter what marketing tool they use. 

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