In the video production process, each professional plays a key role in order to get the best results.

The Art Director is in charge of ensuring the visual quality of an explainer video and at the same time, he must have the ability to translate different emotions, moods and concepts into imagery, without forgetting about the brand's guidelines. Read this blog post and learn why the Art Director is such an important part of the video production process.


The Guy In Charge Of The Visual Appearance

The Art Director has a very specific role in the video production process, he has to take care of the overall visual appearance of the video and also has the responsibility to find the best way to communicate visual concepts.

He has to focus on giving premium quality to every visual element of the video, so as to make it highly effective. On top of that, he has to transmit the spirit and values of the brand in a very compelling and attractive -visual- way. Not that easy, right?

The Key Role Of The Art Director

As we always say, great team work leads to great results. And the Art Director has a huge responsibility in this sense,  he's not only a leader for the production team, but is also an inspiration and a reference during the overall process. He has to be wise enough to get the most out of each collaborator.

It's always vital to have a talented Art Director within the video production team: he will help your brand’s image  and also keep consistent visual communication throughout the whole video. See below...


Brand's Protector

The Art Director is in charge of performing exhaustive research about the brand, to get a clear understanding of its main values and key differentiators. With this in mind, he will then be able to apply the spirit of the brand in every element of the video (characters, landscapes, chromatic scale, etc.)

Visual Homogeneity

The Art Director is also responsible for assuring visual homogeneity across the entire video. Just like we said, every element of the video has to be aligned to the brand's guidelines and, at the same time, be consistent between them.

Coherent and Clear Communication

Assuring homogeneity on a visual level is the only way that leads to coherent and clear communication. Communication has to be uniform not only regarding the message that is being delivered but also regarding the imagery.


Custom-Made Style

The intervention of the Art Director is essential to get to a fully custom-made video. And hey! as you probably know, a custom video is what will really bring the marketing results you want. By customizing the colors and backgrounds of your video (keeping in mind your brand's guidelines) you can help your audience identify who's behind the product and differentiate from the competition.

At Yum Yum, our Art Director has a comprehensive role that helps us get the best results based on our client's needs. If you want to learn more about his daily work, don't miss this special blog post.

We also invite you to surf our video production section to get more valuable tips on how to develop an explainer video. Enjoy it!  


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