If you are leading an inbound marketing strategy, you already know how vital content is.

As opposed to convincing potential customers to buy your product, inbound marketing is all about bringing people in with information that is important and relevant to them.


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The problem is, content is just everywhere! From whitepapers to eBooks to infographics to blog posts and so on, it is really hard to stand out from the crowd. The great thing about video content is that, of all other forms, it is the most engaging: it enables images, animation, sound and storytelling to work together to explain concepts and entertain while it also makes an emotional statement. That’s why you can’t leave it behind in your inbound marketing strategy.

Still in doubt? Let’s look at some facts!

  • Four times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.
  • 53% of smartphone users feel more aligned with companies whose mobile sites or apps provide instructional video content.
  • 100 million hours of video are watched every day on Facebook.

So now you know: video content is key to a successful content marketing strategy. Actually, video is so versatile it can help you for many different purposes, as these different video types show:

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are all about explaining a product or service. Though there are different ways to approach an explainer video script, they usually have a problem/solution logic. The main character needs to solve a problem (say, get rid of insects on his plants) and finds a solution in the product the brand has to offer (the best pesticide in town).

Through this approach, not only do brands get to explain what is awesome about their product or service, but the target audiences feel easily identified with the situation the character goes through.

Educational Videos

The aim of educational videos is to inform and educate your audience about the problems they are experiencing (aka pain points). Video is an awesome format for educational content because its interactivity lets us digest information easily. Did you know videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text?

At Yum Yum Videos we made an educational video about our work process. What do you think?


Although commercials are a traditional form of marketing, they can be seen on TV and online as well. On the internet we see new and exciting ways people can interact with it: you can include a call to action and dynamic metadata. Also, some internet commercials are a bit longer than TV ads because the cost of publishing them online does not vary according to length.

Customer Testimonials

If you plan a smart video strategy, you will have specific types of video content for every step of the buyer’s journey. Customer testimonials are awesome for the decision stage because they offer an extremely trustable point of view: that of the people who have experienced using the product or service themselves. Tri-Technicahls is a good case of study

Yummy Tip: video testimonials are much more credible than text testimonials because they let people see and hear by themselves what the customer has to say about the brand. If you take into account X#X% of communication is non-verbal, then you’ll realize how important this is!

Product Videos

Product videos focus on explaining the way a product or service works, while highlighting the benefits of a product. Some companies have complicated products –think about the tech industries, for instance. In those cases, videos can be a great solution to showcase how they work and what is so great about them easily, quickly and clearly.

Company Story Videos

Company story videos show what a company is all about: their history, their people, what they trust, their values, their goals and so on. Apart from other benefits, company story videos help create a bond with your audience and they build brand trust because they let viewers see with their own eyes what their business is all about.

As you can see, there is so much more about video content than meets the eye! Videos are so versatile and fun… you just gotta love ‘em. Here at Yum Yum Videos we are all in for helping our clients with their marketing objectives through powerful and emotional video content. If you are interested in taking your business to the next level, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!


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