Take a look at your calendar! 2016’s last days are just around the corner and we’re already getting a taste of the yummiest campaigns that were created this year.

If you’re hungry for some real creativity, just read on.



Tide- Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi New York 

- Chief Creative Officer: Jay Benjamin

- Executive Creative Director: Paul Bichler

These funny situations will let you know that dirty can get real dirty, and that’s why you need Tide to clean the mess up. Although the situations aren’t as hilarious as you would expect, this campaign certainly brings awareness without getting too salesy or factual.

Just watch how this man has a habit of “over toweling” himself. You surely know someone like him!

Or this generous family’s disposition to lending clothes, which continues with quite uncomfortable remarks on the continuing spot:




- Agency: SuperHeroes

- Executive Creative Director: Rogier Vijverberg

- Creative lead: Elliot Stewart-Franzen

Asus ZenFone 3 wants to empower people to do absolutely anything they want, so the people at the SuperHeroes agency just let New Yorkers get creative with ad ideas… many of them! Then they selected the wackiest ones and put them to life in one of the best ads of 2016.

Not only is the end result bizarre and funny, but by showing ordinary people during the creative process, Asus also gave its ad a human touch.



- Agency: Droga5 NY

- Creative Chairman: David Droga

- Chief Creative Officer: Ted Royer

Similar to Asus’ approach, Johnsonville had their employees come up with funny ad ideas that best represented the brand’s raw spirit. Talk about getting creative while selling sausages! Here’s the introductory ad:

What we particularly love about this campaign is that the pieces are pretty different from each other, in an attempt to respect each staff member’s ideas.

See Brett’s ad come to life in this super adventurous car chase, full of special effects…. all for the love of sausages:

In this ad, Jeff, who's been with the company for two decades, imagines quite a funny conversation with the animals in the woods:


Dollar Shave Club

- Creative Director, VP of Creative: Alec Brownstein

- Creative Directors: Matt Knapp and Matt Orser

- Senior Producer: Matt Sausmer

How do you introduce yourself to a saturated market where old giants have been reigning for decades? By mocking them, of course! That’s what Dollar Shave Club went after when it introduced its body wash this year, by implicitly ridiculing Old Spice’s overly manly approach, Axe’s seductive overpowers and other apparently exaggerated and presumptuous branding attempts.



The funny thing is that Dollar Shave Club was sold to Unilever, but that still didn’t stop their in-house agency from creating an Axe-shaming piece.


Poo Pourri

- Director: Nicole Story

- Writer: Nicole Story

- Producer: Tess Kelly

This series of interactive ads captivate perfectly what Poo Pourri is already well-known for: being cute and funny while remaining disgusting! Picture yourself in this scenario and draw your own conclusions about what ending you would choose for the story: 

There are more embarrassing situations on the way and we are keen on knowing what they’ll be! What they’ll smell like, we already know. ;)

How do you feel about these rocking campaigns of 2016? Do you know of any others you would add to this list? If so, let us know in the comments below, we love watching creative videos! If you want to stay updated with more information about the fascinating world of audiovisual delight, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and let’s keep in touch. See you around!

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