Social Media supremacy and video content supremacy; together they work perfectly.

 No matter if you want to generate brand awareness, get more leads, boost your sales, stand out as a referent in your niche, or any other goal, using video content as part of your social media strategy is a must. Read this blog post and learn why!


Video Content, The King

Online video is booming. You must have heard about this by now. Not only are individuals using videos to connect with their peers but brands are also implementing diverse video marketing strategies that enables them to connect with their audiences on a different level.

All major social media platforms already offer the possibility to share videos and, without going any further, in 2016, they launched huge updates related to video. Other new social networks, such as Snapchat (which is a video-based mobile app), have experienced dramatic growth and success.


Just to give you a general idea of how video format is triumphing in the social media world, check out these stats:


The King, In Your Social Media Mix

It seems that using videos as part of your social media strategy is no longer an option. You HAVE to be there too!

The most important thing you should bear in mind is that, when using video content, you have to set up a comprehensive strategy that covers different “points of contact” with your target audience. And, of course, you have to make sure that the marketing video fits perfectly with the characteristics, needs and interests of your viewers, and the idiosyncrasy of the social media platform you’ve chosen.

Let me give you some general tips for using videos in your social media strategy.

#1: Keep your video short

Remember that viewers have short attention spans, so you don't have much time to pass out your key messages. You have to make your video catchy enough from the very first few seconds so that your audience can feel attracted instantly when they see it in their feeds. Always try to keep your video short to fit with the social media logic. 


Animated video production for "OMNIVENTIA" by Yum Yum Videos.

#2: Optimize it for search engines

It's also a good idea to optimize different elements of your video with strategic SEO keywords you have chosen. Create attractive titles that include those keywords and work carefully on the descriptions and tags.

#3: Add a Call To Action

Your video can be awesome and your viewers may feel encouraged to get more information or even to buy your product.. but what if they don't know what to do or which step they should take next? Always include a clear and compelling CTA that can lead the viewer the right way.

#4: Use a cross channel promotion strategy

It's also recommendable that you make a comprehensive cross channel promotion of your video: post it on different social media platforms and be sure you're coherent in the message and tone you're using. Of course, remember to adapt your video to the idiosyncrasy of each specific platform (for instance, you could use several hashtags when promoting your video on Twitter, but this won’t work on LinkedIn).  

marketing_goals.pngAnimated video production for "BONSAI" by Yum Yum Videos.

#5: Encourage customer generated content

Why not invite your viewers to make a video of their own? This type of action tends to be very effective, even more so than creating a company-based video. Asking them to make a video about using your product or showing how great they feel about it can help a lot in promoting your business: that excitement is contagious and is the best testimonial you can ask for!

Are you already using video content in your social media marketing strategy? We'd love to get your feedback!

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