If you are looking to boost your online presence, you’ve got to stay on trend! When it comes to the internet, you should know that videos are the it content for your marketing strategy.

It’s not all about good looks, there are also other benefits towards having an animated explainer video. In this list, we have compiled the top 10 reasons you can profit from having your own. Ready to rock the catwalk of the internet?


The Benefits Of Animated Explainer Videos:

  • Explain your product in seconds
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Help you rank better on Google
  • Save on ads
  • Build branding
  • They are the perfect pitch
  • Videos are more engaging
  • They have better ROI
  • Work perfect for mobile
  • They have top recall rates

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1. There’s a reason they are called explainer videos

And it is because they can explain your product in mere seconds. If you’ve been reading our posts, you already know that the average attention span of an internet user is of eight seconds. In other words, when someone visits your website, blog or social media profile, you have to quickly explain your business idea before they get distracted!

That’s where explainer videos come in handy: not only are they attractive enough to grab your viewers’ attention, but they also show information in a compelling and educational way that will keep them easily focused.




2. They increase conversion rates

Conversions are the ultimate goal of any marketing campaign. So why not take advantage of the fact that up to 73% of people are more likely to buy a product if they saw an explainer video first?

The right explainer video will combine dedicated target insights, a catchy narrative and cute characters such as these for optimum results:

3. They help you rank better on Google

It’s plain to understand: Google loves videos, thus video content ranks better in the search results. Actually, videos are 53 times more likely to rank on the giant search engine than plain text!

On top of that, having an explainer video can help with your ranking #0, which means you could have a double organic search result. Amazing.


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4.They are great for saving on ads

If your website is having a high bounce rate, it probably means your SEM efforts are not paying-off that well: users are visiting your site because they clicked on your ad, but they are not staying.

As videos include motion, graphics and audio, they are an awesome engagement tool to provide entry points to other branded channels. Longer and more interactive site visits account for lower bounce rates, which means users will be actually absorbing your content.

Try it yourself: add your video to your landing page and enjoy great results with no additional ad costs.

5. They build powerful branding

Custom content is always the way to go: if you provide users with something as unique as only your brand can offer, you’re in for awesome feedback. Combine this with the power of explainer videos and be ready to stand out!

In a tailor-made explainer video, you can apply your color palette, create characters that your audience can feel identified with and tell your story with a personalized script. This not only informs your audience better about how you can help your viewers, but eventually turns your customers into faithful brand ambassadors.

For instance, this video says Beezer all over it: the colors, the aesthetics and even the approachable characters reinforce the brand’s spirit:



6. Explainer videos are always the perfect pitch

Besides being truly engaging, videos are versatile creatures: you can publish them on your website, post them on social networks, embed them in your next marketing email and even use them for a sales presentation.

See how easy it is to understand this explainer video:




7. Sharing is caring. And people care for videos!


Easy to post, easy to share! Maybe that’s why 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others. Sharing not only means that your voice will be amplified, but the connections created will also improve your SEO results.

8. Better ROI

Have you ever thought that explainer videos can be produced at much better rates than ads? With a smaller cost, it is easy to have a good return on your investment with such a powerful tool. And it sure helps that you can track stats for online videos to better calculate their performance!


9. They work great on mobile gadgets

Videos adjust amazingly to small screens, a benefit that text and images don’t have. Taking into account that all digital growth is nowadays coming from mobile, you should definitely consider explainer videos.

10. Top recall rates

Did you know that 80% of viewers recall a video ad they have seen in the past 30 days and 12% finally make the purchase?

As videos work with animation, sound and compelling storytelling, your audience will easily feel identified and better engage with them. It is no secret that our memories work better when emotions are involved!

Whoa! Those are a lot of benefits for your brand, and all it takes is having one explainer video. If you need some help with this, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and see how we can help you out. You can also learn more about explainer videos in our blog!


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