Among the different marketing tools you can resort to, an explainer video is a must in your list.

It not only helps you build branding and increase your visibility but it's also a very useful resource to help you gain more leads and increase your sales, among many other advantages. Check out the top 10 benefits of producing an explainer video:  

  1. Explain your business idea in a few seconds
  2. Improve your SEO efforts
  3. Increase conversions
  4. Build brand awareness
  5. Have a presence on YouTube
  6. Widen your social media reach
  7. Grab your audience's attention
  8. Help your audience retain information
  9. Revitalize your pitch
  10. Improve the  ROI

Let's give a quick review to each of these benefits.

#1. Explain your business idea in a few seconds

Explainer videos give you the chance to deliver your business idea in the blink of an eye: you can tell your target audience what you do, how you can help them with their problem and explain why you're the best option in the just a few seconds!


#2. Improve your SEO efforts

By embedding an explainer video in your home page you can reduce the bounce rate and increase the time-on-page rate. This will help you considerably to get a better position in Google's ranking system, and consequently you'll gain greater reach and online visibility.

#3. Increase conversions

Explainer videos are so attractive, cool and engaging that people just feel enticed and highly motivated to keep on watching. Just as a reference, an explainer video can grow conversions by 20% on average!


#4. Build brand awareness

By crafting the characters based on the style and look of your target audience, and by including the colors of your brand's identity in the background and different elements of the video, you will generate a strong emotional bond with your viewers. They will feel identified with the story you're telling to the point that they can turn into your brand ambassadors.

#5. Have presence on YouTube

YouTube is currently the 2nd largest search engine in the world (after Google itself) and the 3rd largest social network. Guess what? There's no chance of being on YouTube without a video! And an explainer video is a great way to make this happen ;)


#6. Widen your social media reach

Videos are one of the most shareable forms of marketing content. They can work very well to enhance your social media campaigns and approach your audience with fun and appealing content.

#7. Grab your audience's attention

Did you know that the attention span on the internet is only 8 seconds? Quite brief, right? Explainer videos combine attractive visuals and a compelling message to quickly grab your audience's attention and keep it until the end of the clip.5_whiteboards_animated_explainer_videos.png

#8. Help your audience retain information

While traditional text content can be more dull, complex or difficult to grasp, video content in general, and explainer videos in particular, make information much more interesting, digestible and easy to understand.

#9. Revitalize your pitch

If you need to make a persuasive and convincing pitch, you have to make use of the most effective resources. Have in mind that people prefer watching than reading, so forget about using a PowerPoint presentation or a paper pitch. No way! Explainer videos stand out for being highly catchy, engaging and assertive.


#10. Improve the ROI

The money you'll spend on your explainer video will prove to be highly beneficial. This type of video has a great return on investment. Go over this blog post and learn why animated marketing videos have the best ROI!

And now, why not surf our Explainer Video Academy to get more useful tips on how you can use video content to strengthen your marketing efforts. Enjoy it!


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