Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-BEST-VIDEOS-staff-ThumbnailAnimated explainer videos are one of marketers’ favorite forms of online content due to their extraordinary ability to engage with an audience plus their rapid online visibility and conversion rate increase.

Today, we picked the 5 best explainer videos on the web for you to get inspired by in order to make your next animated marketing video campaign. It wasn’t an easy task, for there are so many awesome animated videos around! But we did a fine-tune search aiming for the best quality animation, storytelling, engagement power and video production and chose only the greatest ones!


And as a fun bonus track, our briskly explainer video production staff also selected the top 5 from our own videos for you to review at the end. Now let’s watch some!

Animation For A Cause

A great cause is even greater if it’s done through such an awesome explainer video! The whole Animation for a Cause video is based on the idea that “one minute can make a difference” for non-profit companies. It was crafted with a cool and colorful design where even the typography comes alive!


Mint.com offers a better way of keeping track of your finances, and their animated marketing video delivers such a smart way of showcasing the subscribing process! The use of awesome 3D elements makes it fun and adds a fancy side to it. The jazzy music adds the ideal rhythm. Finally, the call-to-action is a compelling masterpiece, asking the viewer to “sign up and get started in less than 5 minutes”.

YouTube Partner

The animated video for YouTube’s partnership program is quite peculiar. It makes use of no voice-over but adds some chill music instead. The visuals are telling everything you need to know and the great lively animation helps to keep it entertaining. So simple and effective!


Norton decided to go for an avant-garde 3D animation. Intentionally, it resembles the old school stop-motion animation, adding a great vintage style to the character and scenarios. The idea behind the video is quite simple, but they’ve mastered 60-second storytelling on another level.

Mustang Customizer

Mustang’s animated marketing video is motion graphics animation at its finest. The images are so iconic and lively! The graphic elements constantly transform into new ones, adding an interesting storytelling resource. Another wonderful post-production choice in this video is the use of great sound effects in almost every section. And, the beat is so good that it’s impossible for you to get bored!

Inspired yet? Explainer videos combine the best animation styles and techniques to disclose the business idea of any product or service in a fun and engaging way.

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Are you hungry for more? Let us show you how we do it!

Here are Yum Yum Videos’ top 5 explainer videos:


Have you ever imagined a marketer dressed as a ninja? That’s one of the infinite animation possibilities and the reason why we love it so much! To craft this explainer video, we decided to get motion graphics and cartoon animation techniques together (a favorite combo from our creative staff); the 2D characters bring the human side of the story while neat graphics in motion are a great way to show how the service works.


As you may know, Walmart is one of the largest retail corporations in the world and this is because they care about the shopping experience of the customers. Watch this explainer video we made for the Supplier Center of Walmart, where you can tell the benefits of having the product data both online and offline.



Tortilla Land

For this cute TV commercial we decided to go for a full-cartoon animated video. Through the video, a couple of lovable characters on neat colored backgrounds dance along a sticky original jingle. There’s nothing like a fun, catchy and beautifully crafted animation to let emotions grow within the heart of an audience.


Here’s a new way to make whiteboard animation videos!

Without losing the essence of a good old whiteboard animation, we decided to add some character animation, visual effects and motion graphics. It’s a new way of addressing whiteboard video production with all the benefits of digital animation. Not to mention that this fun explainer video also manages to explain a complex service and develop a catchy story in the meantime.

Gadget Cover

This animated explainer video helped our client to deliver 30 seconds of awesomeness! In only half-a-minute, we managed to create a compelling story, explain how the service works and add some humor to it. The drawing style is as simple as it gets, but sometimes less is more; this single video brought over 40,000 visits in YouTube only. Sweet, huh?!

So after all this video watching, are you feeling inspired to get your own animated video made?

Go through our portfolio to check for more awesome explainer videos and don’t leave before visiting our brand-new Explainer Video Academy to get the best video marketing knowledge from our vey own hands and collect all of our eBooks, infographics and slides for free!


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