Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-YOUTUBE-1st-THUMBHaving an animated marketing video for your business is a great idea, but how can you get people to find it? Well, optimizing your video SEO strategy to rank higher in a YouTube search is a great way to do it!

Our animated video "What Is The Best Explainer Video Style For Your Business?" ranks #1 on YouTube (which is actually the 2nd largest search engine in the world) under the most relevant keywords in our business: “explainer videos”, “explainer video” and “best explainer videos” Check it out:

How’d you like it? Want to rank #1 on YouTube (like we did) for anyone to find your video easily? Pay attention and read on, because today we’ll give you 5 useful video SEO tips to rank higher (and quicker!) on YouTube!


1. Keywords

Learn which words or phrases that come up frequently in your niche and use them in every text spot on YouTube, such as the headlines and tags. Your potential customers search on Google and YouTube for words of their interest, so you need to find out what they are! For example, if you need to promote a mobile app, you could use “mobile advertising”, “mobile marketing” and even “smartphone” as keywords.

Don’t forget the use of longtail keywords! These are longer sentences that also contain your main keyword. Longtail keywords usually throw fewer search results than regular one-worded keywords, but it’s easier to get them ranked on the first pages. In our video, we used “best types of animated marketing video”, for example.


2. Descriptions

Descriptions explain to your viewers what your marketing video is about and they’re also vital for SEO purposes; this means, you need to make them short and accurate. Look at how we did it in our animated explainer video:


Place the main information about your video in the first 2 sentences of the description and don’t forget to include a link to your website or landing page within those sentences.

Don’t try to fool your audience with tricky descriptions or misleading headlines! You’d probably get higher click rates on your video that way, but they’ll obviously leave immediately. This generates dangerous viewership drop-offs and YouTube considers click-through rates of high importance. Cheating will only make your video fall down in the  search engine rankings for nobody to ever find it.


3. Transcript

It’s always useful to add a full transcription of your explainer video script below the lines of your video description.

This transcript gives you the opportunity to place a great deal of relevant keywords for your target audience on YouTube, so seize it! Avoid being too pushy or salesy though; nobody likes that kind of promotional approach. Check out how we wrote ours:


4. Thumbnails

The still images that act as a preview for your video (so-called thumbnails) are very powerful marketing and SEO elements, so you need to choose them and customize them wisely and don’t leave them for random selection. It’s a fact: the right thumbnail will invite more people to press play on your video but the wrong one will push them away.

You need to make your thumbnails stand out from the rest because YouTube runs a savage competition! So use the most colorful and attractive stills from your video in high-resolution (at least 640x360 pixels). People won’t click at low-quality or dull thumbnails. Check the bright options we discussed for our thumbnail:


Apart from being beautiful and full of color, your thumbnail should represent the content in your video precisely. If your thumbnail is misleading and the video turns out to be nothing like it, people will walk out, causing (as we said before) disastrous audience drop-off numbers that will negatively impact your video’s viewership and watch-time rates (Learn how to measure your video’s statistics over here).


5. Link Building

Another wise SEO strategy to use to help boost your video on YouTube is link building. Let me explain it in a few words: YouTube works just like its father Google and rewards the most shared pieces of content by ranking them higher in its search engine. So what you need to do is place your YouTube-hosted video in as many online spots as you can; that’s your blog articles, your guest blog pieces, your social media posts, tweets and pins.


Your video will rank higher on YouTube as more people click play on it, whenever they find it on your blog or in their Facebook newsfeed. And if people watch it all the way through to the end, you will grow your chances to rank #1! That’s why you need to…


6. Make The Best Marketing Video Ever!

Of course, one of the most important things for your video SEO is to have a great video! If people watch it all the way through (which is a vital metric for YouTube), love it and share it on their social media channels, YouTube will learn that it’s a far-reaching interesting piece of content for its users and will rank it higher in its search engine.

Don’t settle on poor quality or a lame story and aim for the best animated marketing video ever! (You can check out our portfolio to get inspired any time).


Are you ready to jetpack yourself to the #1 place on YouTube? Follow our advice and you’ll see awesome results in no time!

You’ll find further expert SEO and video analytics tips in our latest eBook: “You Have Your Explainer Video Done… Now What?”. And if you want valuable advice on animated marketing video production, visit our Explainer Video Academy, where you’ll find the rest of our marketing eBooks, educational slides and cool infographics.

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