Behind The Scenes: The Client's Feedback Of Our Explainer Video Production Process

Communication is a key ingredient in every explainer video recipe. 

Behind The Scenes: How Do We Create Our Explainer Video eBooks?

At Yum Yum, we always try to focus on offering the best quality in every animated explainer video, piece of content and process we carry out. 

Behind The Scenes: The Animated Explainer Video Analytics

Tracking, testing and measuring your video marketing efforts is a must. There really is no strategy without this stage, because it’s the only way you'[...]

Behind The Scenes: The Creative Brief Of An Animated Explainer Video

At Yum Yum Videos we want to help you create the best explainer video you could think of. But hey…we wouldn’t be able to make one without your input. [...]

Behind The Scenes: Our Art Director, Visual Wizard

We're are convinced that great teamwork leads to great results. We're really proud of every professional that is part of Yum Yum, and we all work with[...]

Behind The Scenes: The Account Manager, Your Friendly Neighbour

New round of our “Behind The Scenes” section! We love sharing with you the methodology we use to create our animated explainer videos.

Behind The Scenes: How We Create The Characters Of Our Explainer Videos

We could say that characters are the essence of any story. They have the power to build it, but also to knock it down. 

Behind The Scenes: The Explainer Video Soundtrack

Moving on with the explainer video production process, today it’s time to focus on the soundtrack. The music itself has a strong power to trigger diff[...]

Behind The Scenes: The Importance Of Explainer Video Style Frames

Do you know what style frames are and why they are so important during the animated video production process? We've already talked about two other key[...]

Behind The Scenes: How's The Storyboard Process Of An Explainer Video?

We've already talked about the fascinating process of video scriptwriting. Now it's time to move forward to the next stage and learn how the storyboar[...]

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