Don’t Use A Whiteboard Animation Video! (Until You Read This)

  Are you sure you want to use a whiteboard animation video for your company? Can’t say we blame you… After all, they are a hugely popular type of exp[...]

What Makes Context Important For Explainer Videos?

“Give me some context!” your marketing strategy is begging you, and with good reason.

4 Great Ways To Explain What Your Mobile App Does

You've finally built your mobile app and you're ready to introduce it to your target audience. Great, congrats! But how can you start to promote it?

Behind The Scenes: The Explainer Video Soundtrack

Moving on with the explainer video production process, today it’s time to focus on the soundtrack. The music itself has a strong power to trigger diff[...]

How To Brand Your YouTube Channel To Boost Engagement And Brand Loyalty

Do you already have a YouTube channel for your brand? If you don´t, you should. Urgently. YouTube currently has over a billion users! Everyday people [...]

5 Neuroscience Concepts You Can Apply To Explainer Videos

Marketers are pushed to get the most out of their campaigns, optimizing their ROI while building a strong relationship with their audiences and taking[...]

15 Video Marketing Stats That Will Help You Define Your Strategy

Have you already tried out any video marketing strategies? In this blog post we will present some interesting statistics that might give you a hand in[...]

Behind The Scenes: The Importance Of Explainer Video Style Frames

Do you know what style frames are and why they are so important during the animated video production process? We've already talked about two other key[...]

How Can You Take Advantage Of Micro-Moments Using Video Marketing?

In this new digital era, people are connected to the Internet for many reasons at different times. You need to find a way to be right there in the exa[...]

The 8-Second Barrier: Why Is It So Important For Marketing Videos?

It´s really hard to hold your audience's attention in today's digital world. Even more so if we consider that the attention span has decreased to 8.25[...]

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