8 Tips to Turn Visitors into Customers with Animated Explainer Video

There’s no doubt that an animated explainer video is a great marketing tool: It attracts visitors to your website, makes them stay on it longer and, m[...]

3 Reasons Why Animated Explainer Videos Reduce Bounce Rate

Feeling kryptonized? Do people keep on leaving your website after a quick glance? Does it seem like someone is preventing you for engaging with your p[...]

3 Ways to Boost Online Visibility with Animated Explainer Videos

Having trouble getting visitors to your website? Do you want to be easily found and turn visitors into real customers? Look no further. The solution i[...]

The Death List 5 of Animated Explainer Video Mistakes

Get your samurai sword ready, because we’re chopping some videos today!


Coming from the same minds that brought us Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and many other comprehensive but rather complex software programs, Ad[...]

Being a voice actor: more than you expect

Some people think that voice acting is simply getting paid to talk. In a way, that’s true, although there is so much more to it! When you start as a v[...]

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