5 Tips for Successful Explainer Video Production

You’ve thought about your business, you’ve decided you are ready to invest the time and effort on taking your marketing strategy to the next level and[...]

Why It's a great idea to make an animated marketing video for your business

Animated marketing videos are the latest marketing trend.  If you want to boost your marketing strategy by leveraging an efficient, entertaining and p[...]

What's the Difference Between Motion Graphics and Character Animation

Now that you know all that animated marketing videos can do to enhance your content marketing strategy, you´re focused on developing the best explaine[...]

4 Essential Marketing Videos Every Business Needs

Companies are resorting to video content more than ever before: they´re a great tool to use to inform, educate and entertain. 

Motion Graphics: The Jack-Of-All-Trades Among Explainer Video Styles

Nowadays, you can find a specific type of animated explainer video for every need: depending on the product you're offering and the target audience yo[...]

Why and How To Convince Your Boss Your Business Needs Explainer Videos

We all know how much animated explainer videos can contribute to your content marketing strategy: they help your customers understand your unique valu[...]

High Quality, Fast or Low-Cost Explainer Videos? Choose Two!

Life is about making decisions andbusiness decisions are no exception. As a marketing professional, you need to be ready to make some choices that wil[...]

The Psychology Behind Explainer Videos And Why They Increase Sales

To be a good marketer you need to understand the psychology behind your target audience.  Based on this, you also need to create relevant and compelli[...]

One Content to Rule Them All! The Precious Power of Explainer Videos

Thinking about a superhero that can rescue your company from the bad guys and protect it from death? No Superman, Hulk or Human Torch required. 

Learn How to Make an Animated Explainer Video in 7 Easy Steps!

You´ve probably heard about the importance of making the best animated marketing video you can in order to get the greatest results, and also how impo[...]

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