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Halloween Special: Evolution of Vampires in Cinema, an Animated Journey

Trick or treat?

10 Shocking Facts About Vampire Hunter D

We’ve gone retro at Yum Yum Videos! But with a horror twist...

10 Amazing Facts About Perfect Blue

Darkness falls across the land / The midnite hour is close at hand / Creatures crawl in search of blood / To terrorize your… #FridayDelight!

Animators We Love: Brad Bird

Ahhh… Friday, our beloved Friday, we’ve been waiting for you! And now that you have arrived, let’s relax and enjoy some quality time together.

10 Scary Facts About The Nightmare Before Christmas

Are you hosting your own videos but you're not sure if that's the best choice?

#FridayDelight - Animators We Love: John Lasseter

Hello, beloved readers! Aren’t you glad it’s Friday?

#FridayDelight - Animators We Love: Tim Burton

Happy Friday, y’all! And what a terrifying Friday it certainly is!

#FridayDelight - Animators We Love: Hayao Miyazaki

How come? it’s Friday again!

#FRIDAYDELIGHT - Animators We Love: Chuck Jones

Hello again, you lovely Friday! And yes, hello again, you beautiful readers!

#FridayDelight - Animators We Love: Bill Plympton

TGI #FridayDelight again! We so wanted to end the week, not only to have time to enjoy some cool videos, but also to show you one of our favorite anim[...]

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