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#FridayDelight | Animators We Love: Sylvain Chomet

Oh là là! This #FridayDelight we are feeling a bit frenchy at Yum Yum Videos. Do you know why?

#FridayDelight | Animators we Love: Steve Cutts

Hello, you #FridayDelight! We missed you… and we missed you too, our beloved readers!

5 Explainer Videos We Wish We Had Done Ourselves

Howdy, dear friends! It’s #FridayDelight and, as you know, we love taking advantage of the best day of the week to enjoy some of our favorite videos a[...]

5 Simpsons Couch Gags That Pay Tribute to Animation

The longest-running TV series ever (27 seasons and counting!), The Simpsons is the most notable example of how animated television can be funny and ad[...]

#FridayDelight: 5 Video Marketing Campaigns That Went Viral (And Why!)

Hi there, dear friends! It is Friday again, which means we have yet another #FridayDelight article for you, freshly baked and ready to satisfy your vi[...]

#FridayDelight: Four Fake (But Pretty Insightful) Corporate Videos

Hello, Friday lovers! As you may have already noticed… it’s #FridayDelight again!

#FridayDelight: We love coffee, you love coffee and these pop culture characters love coffee too!

Mocha, macchiato, latte, americano… no matter its shape or size, at Yum Yum Videos we simply love coffee.

#FridayDelight: Short And Sweet Movies We Loved

Being an animated video company, we can’t help ourselves! When we find animated videos we love, we just need to share them.

#NationalDonutDay, 10 Fun Facts (and GIFs) about Donut

Today is National Doughnut day! Being the figure in our logo, at Yum Yum Videos we can’t help but celebrate it.

#FridayDelight: 5 Motion Graphics Videos That Will Lighten Up Your Weekend

What’s so great about Fridays? Well yes, they are followed by Saturdays and Sundays. But if you ask us, they’re awesome because they mean #FridayDelig[...]

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