Explainer Video Script: 5 Things You Should Consider Before Starting Yours

Are you thinking about making an explainer video for your brand new product?

3 Steps to Making an Animated Marketing Video Script

Animated Explainer Videos are becoming one of the most used and efficient types of content marketing. But those animated marketing videos will never b[...]


As an explainer video production company, we know that sometimes it can be hard to write a clear and catchy video script. The process of making this k[...]

3 Secrets for Writing the Best Explainer Video Script!

The script is an important part of the explainer video production process, and it’s not an easy task.

Does Your Marketing Video Script Need Professional Assistance?

You want to make the best explainer video to promote your brand, but you have no idea where to start. Well, we’ll tell you exactly where: by writing t[...]

5 Scriptwriting Tips to Relieve your Video Marketing Headaches

Oh the script! Without it there just couldn’t be an animated explainer video. The script is the basis of any kind of audiovisual material, from Hollyw[...]

Do you Really Know How to Write an Explainer Video Script?

The script is the base of every animated explainer video. If it is good, then you can be pretty much sure everything else will be too. Besides, it’s i[...]

What’s the Difference Between An Amateur and Pro Explainer Video Script?

There’s no doubt that animated explainer videos are the ultimate marketing tool. But they have to be made by a team of professionals if you want to ge[...]

Write Your Explainer Video Script, the Hollywood Way!

This title alone sounds amazing! Because writing in “the Hollywood way” is awesome without a doubt. But even more awesome are all the benefits you’ll [...]

5 Tips To Write A Great Explainer Video Script

When a company chooses an animated explainer video as one of their marketing tools, their main goal with it is to increase sales. But this could only [...]

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