Sorry, But Your Marketing Video Script Is Wrong!

Someone had to say it, and who better than Yum Yum Videos, an explainer video production company with hundreds of marketing video scripts made. Why do[...]

How To Make A Storyboard: The Yum Yum Videos’ Way

Explainer video production is not an easy task; it requires the hard work from a whole team of professionals and has many different stages.

3 Things Your Explainer Video Script Can't Rule Out

Writing an explainer video script is not an easy task. Whether you hire a professional scriptwriter or go on your own, it’s vital to learn some basic [...]

The Power of Storytelling in Animated Explainer Videos

“Let me tell you a story…”  … we’ve all heard that phrase before, and maybe even the story too. And yet we want to hear new stories and learn new thin[...]

5 Tips for Writing an Incredible Animated Explainer Video Script

You may already know that animated explainer videos are not just made with cute characters. Before they even come to life, professional explainer vide[...]

The importance of color as a marketing tool for your Explainer Video

Today´s society is becoming more and more attracted to visual imaginary, and color plays an extremely important role in our lives.

Animated explainer videos: the power of Storytelling

A story has the power to inspire and transform feelings into unforgettable moments by activating a wide variety of emotions in people. Much the same h[...]

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