Explainer Videos: Why Animated Characters Matter

If you’re already familiar with animated marketing videos, you will notice the prominence of characters. Since cartoon animation has become one of the[...]

What is the Best Explainer Video Style to use to Promote Your Brand?

Animated explainer videos have become the #1 marketing tool for an increasing amount of companies that are seeking to promote their brands, especially[...]

Why Your Explainer Video Should Be Animated

There are many ways of making an explainer video to promote your brand across the web: you could record a talking-head video, make a screen capture of[...]

The Psychology Behind Whiteboard Videos

In the world of marketing and advertising it is known that animated explainer videos are great at getting people’s attention and explaining any produc[...]

Why Have Whiteboard Videos Become So Popular?

There’s no denying that whiteboard videos are all over the web. When online brands decide to make an animated explainer video to promote a new product[...]

Live Action With Motion Graphics: A Great Mix For Your Explainer Videos

Both live action and motion graphics are amazing techniques to use when making an explainer video. Today we’d like to go a little further and ask: why[...]

The Best Explainer Video Styles (and When To Use Each One)

Not all animated explainer videos are created the same way. In fact there are several animation styles around; some are short and fun and others are f[...]

Custom Vs Template Marketing Videos: Which One is Really More Expensive?

It’s pretty obvious: if we match the pricing of a template animated video with custom explainer video production cost, there’s no possible comparison [...]

Cartoon Animation Vs. Whiteboard Videos: Which Is The Best Explainer Video Style?

Today we bring two of the explainer video style heavyweights into the arena. Let’s match cartoon animation vs. whiteboard videos and see which one is [...]

Cartoon Animation Vs. Motion Graphics: Which Is The Best One To Explain Your Business Idea?

What a great question right there! On one hand, we have cartoon animation explainer videos with their cute characters and fun stories and on the other[...]

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