How To Make An Animated Explainer Video - By Yum Yum Videos

So, I’ve heard that you love those cute animated explainer videos that explain any business idea easily. And you’ve also learned all about the marketi[...]

How to promote your animated explainer videos with Facebook

Facebook is the juggernaut of social networks, with over one billion active users around the world. Part of its massive appeal has been its conservati[...]

[NEW INFOGRAPHIC] Boost your Inbound Marketing with Explainer Videos!

Online marketing has changed for good during the last years: methods like buying email lists or hard-focusing on salesy ads have become outdated. Luck[...]

What Do Mobile Users Look For In An Animated Explainer Video?

Every day, more and more marketing experts agree that mobile is the future of video marketing. An article by Streaming Media stated that this is a res[...]

How to Promote your Animated Explainer Videos on YouTube

So you have your animated explainer video ready and you want to promote it. Ok, the first readily available channels are your own media lists

5 Tips to Use Explainer Videos in Your Digital Campaigns

A lot of what we talk about here centers on planning and creating your explainer video: how to choose a video production company,

9 Marketing Tips for boosting an explainer video

There are a bunch of key elements that must be considered to make a boosting explainer video aimed at achieving good results.


It's not enough to create an explainer video with killer visuals and an engaging script to capture the attention of your audience immediately. You als[...]

The importance of color as a marketing tool for your Explainer Video

Today´s society is becoming more and more attracted to visual imaginary, and color plays an extremely important role in our lives.

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