Explainer Video KPI’s: 3 Must-Track Statistics

A digital marketing strategy is like sailing in the ocean.

Key Metrics You Should Track To Check The Performance Of Your Explainer Video

Success in marketing requires strategy, and strategy needs metrics.

10 Reasons To Start Using Explainer Videos As Soon As You Can

Content marketing is the best marketing strategy to use on the internet. Video is also the medium that performs the best on the web, on pretty much ev[...]

How To Measure The Success Of Your Explainer Video On Your Website

If you want to optimize your marketing campaign, take some time to track the performance of your video.

What Are The Most Important YouTube Metrics?

Making one explainer video and that's it? Of course not! From one single marketing video you can make multiple pieces of content and take full advanta[...]

5 Snapchat Metrics You Should Measure For Your Video Marketing Strategy

Are you using Snapchat for your video marketing campaign and want to start measuring your efforts on this popular social network?

How To Know If Audiences Are Engaging With Your Marketing Video

What would have come from marketing if we hadn't been able to measure the performance of our initiatives?

3 Metrics To Consider When Measuring The Impact Of Your Facebook Video

Are you using Facebook as part of your social media strategy? Are you posting videos and want to understand how they're performing so that you can mak[...]

How To Know If Your YouTube Video Is Driving Visits To Your Website

Not every video aims at driving traffic to your website.

Metrics You Should Check When Analyzing The Explainer Video On Your Website

Explainer videos are another great tool of your marketing strategy.

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