Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-TWITTER-PLAY-thumbWith 2,000 tweets with video links shared per minute, Twitter has announced 3 major releases causing a true social media revolution for marketers all over the world!

In only a matter of a few months, Twitter granted video ads, video embedding and even a native video player! The social network is not only encouraging marketers to lean towards online video promotion but also creating a new horizon for the latest video marketing trend: animated marketing videos. Let's check out those announcements!

First, let's watch a great example of an animated explainer video:


1. Promoted Video Ads


First, Twitter launched a beta version of Promoted Video Ads last year, so that businesses could pay to get their marketing videos on their followers’ timelines.

Brands could now upload and distribute their marketing videos and measure its reach and effectiveness of the content with video analytics tools.


2. Native Video Player

The next move was way more powerful: Twitter launched their own native video player! That’s right: a direct war on YouTube, the king of video hosting. The shocking news is that this video player doesn’t allow videos from any other hosting service (that’s gotta hurt, YouTube!).


Twitter videos for brands can be up to 10-minutes long and there’s no size limit, so it’s a great opportunity for online businesses to share their short animated marketing videos in full quality.


3. Video Embedding

A few days ago, Twitter released a native video embedding service so that users can take their favorite videos from Twitter and place them on their websites without the need of another video host or player. This is not just a strike on YouTube but also on Facebook, which doesn’t allow video embedding yet (double-hit combo!)

As Marketing Land points out, video embedding on Twitter is “not a game-changer” because YouTube draws over 4 billion video views on daily basis and Facebook, nearly 3 billion, while Twitter is just starting out. But look at it this way: it’s a brand-new channel, which means way less competition for ads and explainer videos!


Twitter has proven to love video and will do everything in its power  to turn new advertisers to their platform, encouraging native video marketing strategies to make YouTube shake! It’s a brand-new opportunity for online businesses and their animated marketing videos, so let’s see how it goes.


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