Did you know that video content is one of the most engaging tools you could resort to to guide and nurture your audience in each stage of the buyer's journey?


Of course there are some video formats that fit better with a specific stage, and some others with others. Today we're going to give you some useful guidelines so that you know which video types are the most effective for each phase of the sales funnel. Ready to start?


Understanding Inbound Marketing

First, let's review what “Inbound Marketing” means and how you can make use of content marketing to attract, educate and convert leads. This video gives you a quick snapshot about this:

So far, we know that:

  1. In the Awareness stage your prospect is looking for a specific solution to his pain point. It's your big chance to generate brand awareness and trust towards your offer.
  2. In the Consideration stage, your prospect is weighing the different alternatives he finds in the market that can become a profitable solution. Your product is just one of them, and you have to struggle a lot to gain a special place in their mind.
  3. In the Decision stage, your prospect is ready to make the final choice. You have to provide them with specific content that is compelling, authentic and that encourages them to pick you out.

What Types Of Video Content Should You Use For Each Phase?

Here's the big deal, and we're going to give you some ideas that will certainly help you produce the perfect video content for your inbound marketing strategy. Check them out!

Awareness Stage

If you asked: “what's the best video content to generate brand awareness?” we would probably answer “educational videos”. Keep in mind that people value  getting answers to specific questions/pain points they might have. Educating, teaching and training through video content is a great choice, as you're being helpful while trying to position your brand/product in their mind. You can think of making a FAQ video that answers their common inquiries, an interview with a leader, or anything similar.

This video has an educational/informational approach and is meant to address a common doubt many marketers have:

Consideration Stage

Here, the great “star” is an explainer video. This cool and engaging video give you the chance to explain your business idea in just a matter of seconds, by using attractive visuals and animations. They give you what you need: the chance to communicate what you do, how you do it and why you're the best option in the market, and do it in a brief, quick, compelling and memorable way. Perfect to gain a special place in your prospect's mind!

Here you have an example of an animated marketing video that quickly explains the what, the how and the why.

Process videos and product videos also work great for this stage. You can talk about how you work, the main characteristics of your product, or any specific methodology or process you use inside your company. Anything that lets them know how you work or how your product works. This will help them make the final decision.

Decision Stage

At this point you need to convince your prospects about how great you are and all the awesome benefits your product offers. So take advantage of what other people say: testimonial videos work great. You can make use of different alternatives: case studies, success stories, or any other type of testimonial from a third-party source (client, influencer, or anyone who has benefited from using your product).

Here you have an example of what a testimonial could look like:

embed example de testimonial Yum Yum

Also, you can resort to “about us videos”. Tell your prospects how you work, what you do, who are the faces behind your company (executives, employees, etc.) and try to give it an emotional approach to generate a stronger bond with the viewers. Emotions have an amazing power in video marketing!

So...all hands on deck! Start developing the right type of video content for each stage of the funnel and let us know how it all went!

We also recommend that you go over these helpful tips to produce effective video content for your inbound marketing strategy. Good luck!


explainer videos the ultimate marketing tool


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