When making a marketing video, you want to highlight something about your product or service.

You know exactly how your business stands out from your competitors’, what its key benefits are and why, ultimately, any informed customer would choose it. But do you really know who those people are? Take into account these tips to get to know your audience better.


The marketing world has gone far! Today it is not just about selling, but about engaging and understanding those interested prospects in the right moment, at the right time. Inbound marketing is exactly what this is all about: 


Think about it this way: reaching people with your message has a cost. If you reach those who will be potentially interested in what you have to offer you will have a significant boost in your ROI. Plus, if your message catches their attention because they feel identified with, they will be open to what you are saying: your chances of engaging them increase dramatically.

Now you know why knowing your audience is so important, let’s go ahead and explore how you can get to know them even better!

#1. Demographics

First of all, investigate your audience’s demographics, aka hard data. This is quantifiable information, generally the easiest to research. It includes:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Ethnic background
  • Income
  • Marital status
  • Occupation
  • Education level
  • And so on.

Getting to know your audience’s demographics is a big step towards defining your audience. It will help you portray what the characters on your explainer video will look like and even the setting of your video. You can define a voiceover style with this information too!



Demographics are also key when deciding where to share your explainer video: channels, location and such.

Okay, so your audience insights look quite complete! Why is the demographic approach not enough? Because…


Oops! As you can see, a person is so much more than their quantifiable data. Which leads us to psychographics.

#2. Psychographics

That is to say, soft info. It can generally be trickier to research because it is not quantifiable. It involves:

  • Lifestyle
  • Interests
  • Hobbies
  • Values
  • Behaviors
  • Attitudes
  • Emotions
  • Needs
  • Desires
  • Frustrations
  • Problems
  • Dislikes
  • And so on.

How can you know this? Well, observation is key. In the online world, look at your followers’ profiles, likes, what and how they comment, how they react to different posts, what makes them laugh, what makes them angry, and so on.

In the offline world, make the effort to be an observer!  Pay attention to what your audience wears, how they talk, what their frustrations are, what they value and appreciate, what they like to do and what they dislike… there is a world within each person.

This valuable info will help you know people’s pain points –which you should address in your explainer video–, their concerns, their goals and more. It will also help you define style decisions like music, gags and overall tone of voice.

For instance, see how this explainer video focuses on what their users want:



#3. Define your buyer persona

The easiest way to think about your audience is by thinking about one person! Now that you have all the insights you need, define your buyer persona: a detailed outline of what your average customer would look and be like.

Yummy tip: You can even portray your buyer persona on your video by making it its main character!

Yes! Now that you know exactly who you are talking to and are super ready to start writing your explainer video script. See how much clearer it is when you have all the info you need?

If you still want to know more about what to consider before producing your explainer video, take into account these five mistakes you need to avoid. Keep on reading, keep on learning!


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