Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-STARWARSANEWHOPE-THUMBStar Wars has taught us that no spaceship could ever beat the Millennium Falcon and that Jedi mindtricks could make a great business deal… but today it can teach us about online marketing!


One of the most common online marketing objectives is to get better visibility on search engines while boosting your brand’s presence on social media: and all of this to get more website visits and conversions.

In this quest, your online business is not alone; on the contrary, it has many heroes on its side: the wise SEO (search engine optimization), your beautiful website, the useful and powerful content on your blog and -of course- the cheerful social media. They all help your marketing strategies, but there’s one way to boost each one of them: by using The Force of animated explainer videos! With their Jedi powers, these 90-second videos will explain your product or service in an engaging way, boosting all of your marketing heroes! How? Listen and learn, young padawan:


Obi-Wan: The Wise SEO


Through a wise SEO campaign (that’s optimizing your website to rank higher on Google’s search results) you can be located in the right spot to be easily found by any of your potential customers, like Obi-Wan did with Luke by guiding him from Tatooine to intergalactic stardom!

Animated marketing videos give your website more chances of appearing on Google’s first pages; the world’s #1 search engine loves video content more than anything in the galaxy because videos stand for useful and relevant content for its audience: and nowadays video is the most useful and relevant online content!


Leia: The Attractive Website


Your website is one of your biggest and brightest windows towards the online world. So for people to enter and stay, it has to be visually attractive and compelling, just like princess Leia.

Likewise, a visually appealing explainer video above the fold on your landing page can help you by making visitors stay 2 minutes longer on average; beating Sith Lord bounce rate to a minimum and boosting your conversions up to 60%!

For example, The Force was strong in Crazy Egg when it increased its conversion rate by 64% from this explainer video:


Yoda: The Right Content Guide


But, all of those SEO and website strategies are worthless if you have nothing to offer to them. Learn from Yoda, who always knows how and when to deliver his wisdom: make every bit of your online content be relevant and useful for your target audience on your website, on your blog and on every kind of content that you create and spread online.

Like Yoda, your explainer video will clear your path and easily reach your target audience to deliver all that knowledge summed up in less than 2 minutes, offering the right solution to their problems and engaging them right away!


Han Solo: The Friendly Social Media


There’s no one better than a handsome intergalactic bounty hunter to speak to your friends and colleagues, and show courage in front of your competitors.

Han is no Jedi, but The Force of your explainer video could make him invincible! Video is the most shared content on social media: on Twitter people share 2,000 videos every minute and Facebook users share video 12 times more than text and links combined (besides, they have recently announced video marketing opportunities and video promotion tools). So, don’t waste Han’s people skills – instead, boost them with video content, so that your audience shares it everywhere!

Look, here’s a cute explainer video of ours that reached nearly 45 thousand visits on YouTube only:


See how the power of The Force has no match? It’s just like animated explainer videos’! To get even more Jedi explainer video wisdom, you can get our latest eBook, a guide that’s full of video marketing advice and useful tips. May videos be with you! 

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