Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-ONLINE-VISIBILITY-thumbHaving trouble leading visitors to your website? Do you know how an explainer video can help you with that? Yes, I mean animated explainer videos; those cute short marketing videos that explain a product or service on a website.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a young entrepreneur or a settled startup; in any online business one of your main goals is to make Google and YouTube your best friends. If you can’t be found by Google, it doesn’t matter if you have some great content to share with the world because nobody will see it. What you need is online visibility.


Today, let us give you some advice on how to use an animated marketing video to boost your online visibility, making Google turn its eyes on you!


1. Make It Easy For Google

Google is the largest search engine in the world and loves video content. That’s the reason why videos are more likely to appear on Google’s first pages than plain text.

One thing that affects your website rank on Google is the amount of time visitors stay on your site. Did you know that the average visit lasts just 8 seconds? That’s not a great number. And in that 8 seconds you have to explain who you are, what you do and why you’re the best option.

That’s a bit scary, but don’t despair!

By placing an animated marketing video above the fold on youlanding page, you seize those 8 seconds by catching visitors’ attention immediately.  And the fact is, once you catch them, they’ll stay 2 minutes longer on average. That is great for Google and also gives you the time to explain your business idea and turn visitors into customers.


Here are some tips to improve your Google rank with your explainer video:

● Remember to place it above the fold on your landing page.

● Choose a great thumbnail to catch your audience’s attention.

● Make it short (less than 2 minutes) so that people watch it completely.

● Name it with a business-related keyword so it can be found easily by your potential clients.

● Place social media links near the video so it can be shared easily.


2. Stand Strong On YouTube

YouTube is the world’s 2nd biggest search engine and 3rd largest social network in the world.  It not only features video content, but its videos always appear first in any Google search (It’s no secret that Google has owned the video-sharing website since 2006).

YouTube’s numbers are outstanding. Over 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute and visitors watch more than 200 million hours of video a day.

So if you want to grow your online visibility through an animated marketing video, this is the place to be; but you need to adjust your uploaded videos to be one of the first ranks of your business keywords.


Here's some useful advice to help you set your YouTube videos up:

● Use relevant keywords in your video title and the about section.

● Always place a link to your landing page in that same section.

● Use as many relevant keywords as you can to tag your video.

● It’s always helpful to place a transcript of your explainer video script.

● Don’t forget to keep your video short so it is watchable and sharable.

● Invest in YouTube ad campaigns: it’ll to boost your video’s views quickly.


3. Entice Social Media Buzz

Besides rising in Google and YouTube’s search engines, it’s vital for your animated marketing video to be shared on as many social networking sites as possible.

Video is the easiest content to spread through social media; it’s 40% more likely to be shared than text and pictures (Usurv). But don’t be lazy; in addition to posting your videos, it’s important to be active on your social media networks.

Don’t be shy about inviting your audience to comment, like and share. Besides, most social networks are now offering promotion opportunities -such as Twitter and Pinterest’s Promoted Videos- which open the big door for video marketing actions.


Look over these essential tips in order to get your video shared on social media:

● Encourage your potential customers to share your video anywhere they can.

● Increase online branding by liking and commenting on other companies’ videos.

● Ask them to like your Facebook fan page and follow you on Twitter.

● Don’t forget to place active social media links near your embedded video.

● Don’t hesitate to promote your video posts if you think your company needs it.

Also, don’t forget to create constant content for your blog and website. Remember that every action that increases online traffic is always welcome. Besides, promoting your website and your videos on social media also helps you on the road towards the first pages of Google and YouTube (see tips #1 and #2).


Now, make sure you have read his useful advice carefully and choose one or all of the tips suggested to boost your online visibility with an animated marketing video. Be on top of Google searches, get easily found on YouTube and prepare to be shared everywhere!

But if you need greater video marketing advice, don’t leave before visiting our Explainer Video Academy, where you can get our free eBooks, slides and infographics to set up your online campaigns.

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