Video content is one of the most preferred types of marketing content, and B2B buyers are no exception.

Have you tried using a cool marketing video to enhance your B2B strategy? Check out these stats that will certainly encourage you to take that step!

B2B Video Stats That Will Leave You Astonished

#1: 96% of B2B organizations use video in some capacity in their marketing campaigns of which 73% report positive results to their ROI, according to a survey conducted by ReelSEO.

In particular, explainer videos have a great ROI. The benefits of investing in this type of marketing content are convincing: more leads, more conversions, more sales,, etc. Don't miss this article in which we review 5 reasons why animated marketing videos have the best ROI.

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#2: 70% of B2B marketers plan to spend more time on YouTube this year.

Just like B2C marketers, B2B marketers are also aware of the huge benefits YouTube can bring to their marketing campaigns. Branding, visibility, more exposure, more engagement, and counting. Review this article with some valuable tips on how to rank #1 on YouTube!

#3: 48% of B2B buyers use their smartphone to watch video.

People love consuming video content from their smartphones. This stat shows how important it is for you to develop a mobile video strategy to reach your B2B potential customers and to foster the bond with your current customers. Go over this blog post to fully understand why it's so vital to optimize your video content for mobile devices.

#4: More than 70% of B2B buyers view video product demonstrations before making a purchase.

Video content is a great resource to help your prospects understand how your product works before they buy it. Why not develop a screencast video to show off its main features and functionalities? Review the most popular explainer video styles and find the best fit for you!

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#5: A video on a B2B landing page can increase conversions by 80%.

You can make use of video content to increase your landing page conversion rate. But, to get to this point, you need to bear some considerations in mind to make things work. Check out these tips for creating a landing page that converts.

#6: Marketers cited that B2B video accounts for a “very high” quantity of leads (23%).

Among its great benefits, video content is also perfect to increase lead generation. Did you know that by embedding a marketing video above the fold, you can increase conversion rates by 20%? Try it out!

#7: 63% of B2B marketers’ video spending is on the rise.

B2B marketers are also aware that video content is here to stay, and that it can give fresh air to any marketing campaign they're carrying out. They know that it's a safe bet that brings great ROI.

#8: 92% of B2B marketers cite videos as their most used content for demand generation programs.

By using some strategic techniques, such as gates, compelling calls to action, contact forms,  and more, you can leverage the power of video content to generate qualified leads.

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So, are you convinced about the amazing benefits video content offers to your B2B strategy? Why not start by developing an engaging explainer video that can awe your target audience? Character animation videos, whiteboard videos or motion graphics all work really well. Watch this brief tutorial that goes over the most popular explainer video styles and learn more!

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