Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-PLAY-thumbIt’s simple: if you have a beautiful animated explainer video online but you’re not measuring its real impact on your viewers, you’re making a huge mistake with your video marketing strategy.

After investing in such an amazing marketing tool, not measuring its effectiveness could make all your efforts worthless. To  start, you need to know exactly how many people are watching your animated marketing video, how many of them have watched it all the way through and how much interaction it’s getting (including likes, shares and comments). What you need is some video analytics.


The most popular video hosting sites (like YouTube or Vimeo) offer powerful analytics, with metrics and reports services, that help you truly understand and evaluate your video’s online performance in multiple ways. By finding out how your video is performing, you can use the data to learn new marketing tactics and shift your strategy towards techniques that will create better impact. Paid hosting services (like Wistia or Vidyard) also offer robust video analytics, precise video performance metrics and also high SEO (search engine optimization) benefits.


Whether you use free or paid video hosting, you must measure the results of your marketing video campaign in order to learn if it’s actually meeting your marketing objectives. Here are the most important metrics to analyze:


You can analyze your video’s most viewed days and weeks, in order to understand if your marketing videos are successful or not. Don’t forget to add annotations to your most successful videos, to drive subscribers, comments, and new traffic to your other videos.

2. Watch-Time


While getting views is important, knowing how long your viewers are watching your videos is a much stronger indication of how well these videos are performing. Don’t forget that your call-to-action (asking to subscribe, download, etc.) is usually placed at the end of your video, so you need people to watch your animated marketing videos all the way through.

3. Traffic Source

Traffic source helps you understand how viewers are discovering your content. This way, if you’re investing your budget into video promotion, you’ll know how your video is performing and precisely where and how to adjust your campaign in order to get the best results.

4. Demograhpics


You can learn the gender, age and country of your whole target audience and then analyze the resulting data. Then you’ll know if you’re actually aiming at the right target for your product or service and be able to adjust the proper settings accordingly. You can then use these insights to optimize your metadata, thumbnails, and tags.

5. Devices

This metric will show you which devices were used to watch your video and can even detect which operating system was used. This information is important, because it can help you to know where to focus your marketing efforts and understand where you can archive a better return on investment.


Understanding what you are tracking and what the metric results mean gives you more control over your marketing strategy; this helps you improve the performance of your animated marketing videos and obtain better results with them.

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