Live, animated, spontaneous, planned… whatever form, video content is mastering the online world and marketers can take advantage of this trend.

Kipp Bodnar, Chief Marketing Officer at HubSpot, knows a lot about this and talked about all of it.


As you know, inbound marketing can be of great value in all stages of your buyer’s journey. If you are still in doubt about what it is and how it might help you, see for yourself:

Creating value is what is most important in inbound marketing! And for this, video content is a great resource. At Hubspot, they’ve been doing it for some time and they are not only happy with the results but also with the future potential of video content.

#1. Video Content Is the Future of The Internet

It is in the facts: Cisco stated that by 2019, consumer internet video traffic will be 80% of all internet traffic across the world. Kipp Bodnar doesn’t doubt the wonders of video content either: in his own words, “Video is expanding in all formats: live video, recorded video, temporary video like Instagram or Snapchat stories... Marketers have brand-new ways to interact with prospects in those platforms natively”.

Don’t tell us you were not aware! At Yum Yum Videos we’ve been saying it for a while. If you still don’t know what this trend is all about, take a look at our free resource about The Future of Online Marketing.

#2. Videos are Simple and Fast Communicators

Kipp Bodnar also emphasizes how simple communicating through video content can be: “I think the greatest thing about video is that if you have a very complex product or service that’s difficult to explain, it is a tremendous medium to use and deliver value simply.”

This is especially important nowadays, when our average attention span is a bare 8.25 seconds, shorter than a goldfish’s. People need information to be easy to digest and to communicate fast, otherwise they just lose interest. Taking this into account, an engaging video can be a great asset in your favor!

#3. Video Content is Versatile!

Hubspot’s CMO also focused on video as a type of content that “applies to every lifecycle stage” and that’s true! You can use video content for every stage of the customer’s journey and have great results with campaigns that are not only targeted based on your buyers’ profile, but also on how informed they are about their pain points and how to solve them.

At Yum Yum Videos, we call this a Smart Video Strategy. It offers your prospects what they need when they need it. Take a look:

  1. Awareness stage: a smart video will help you attract more visitors to your website through educational content.
  2. Consideration stage: video content in this stage will help convert those visitors into leads and educate them about your product.
  3. Decision stage: these videos will help build trust in order to convert those leads into loyal customers.

#4. Videos are Mobile Friendly

Another key aspect Kipp Bodnar emphasized upon is the ability of videos to adapt to mobile formats. “Video will take a bigger part of marketing and will be a core format for mobile consumption”. Think about it: as mobile is a primary area of growth for human Internet behavior, this is something you’d better pay attention to when planning your next marketing moves.

What do you have to say about video content for marketing? Have you tried it yourself? Let us know in the comments section! ☺

If you want to dive deeper into how video can boost your marketing strategy, see How To Improve Your Marketing Campaign With an Explainer Video. It is a free resource for you to learn more about the fascinating world of video content. Have fun!


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