Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-DOC-BROWN-thumbThere’s no need to be a diviner to see what the future will bring us. The statistics and technological predictions of our era, compared with how the past has been, tell us exactly what’s going to happen, specifically with the Internet and the world of marketing.

To sum up, let’s get straight into what -in just a few years- will be a fact:


Videos will rule the Internet

Let’s put it like this, if we were in 2018 you probably wouldn’t be reading this. Instead you’d be seeing a video, since it’s expected that -in three years from now- 90% of all global Internet traffic will be occupied by videos.


And this is already being seen in the day after day of social networks, where every time more videos are shared and lots of post’s sites upload videos non-stop. Without counting the technological advances of our era, when anybody with a smartphone can record HD videos and, meanwhile, the Internet is becoming faster, allowing videos to be uploaded and shared in seconds.

So then we can definitely say that in order to increase your sales in the future you should:


Dip into the audiovisual!

There are many ways of doing online marketing, but every time more videos are becoming indispensable when we need to promote something on the World Wide Web.

Besides, there are more chances that people will get to see any kind of content if it comes in the form of video. This tells us that in order to sell something we need to promote it in an audiovisual way.

And what better way than with an animated explainer video? Because, after all:


Explainer videos are here to stay

One of the best marketing tools today are animated explainer videos. Every time more business owners are asking for them as a resource not only to increase their sales, but also to grow identification between their target and the brand.

Here's one of our best explainer videos as an example:

But then, why do we exactly say these animated videos are the future of marketing?

It’s not only because of the fact that videos will rule the internet, and whoever is not involved in this could have a tendency to be left aside, but also because of the countless benefits marketing videos have.

As time goes by, people have less spare time, that’s why we need to give them something to watch that doesn’t take them too long and these animated marketing videos are perfect for this. With them you can deliver your business idea in just seconds, with the benefit that it will be entertaining at the same time.

These marketing videos also have the brightest future in online marketing because they work as a conversion machine, they’re engaging and -if they’re well made- make the audience identify with your brand, eventually generating brand love.

These animated marketing videos are also very useful in generating brand awareness, so people will be able to remember your video (and your brand) long after watching it; like that, at the time of buying, you’ll be their first choice.

Watch this animated video of ours, selected by Hubspot as one of the best explainer videos of 2015, and behold the engaging skills of this amazing marketing tool:


Numbers don’t lie

If you don’t believe yet that videos are the future of the Internet and explainer videos the future of marketing, then let’s see some statistics in this infographic, and remember that as maths has taught us, numbers just don’t lie:


You can download the full HD infographic over here.


Walk into the future with videos

In order to assure yourself a significant position in the future of the internet, dip right into the world of videos at this same moment. Don’t wait for the future to come, because the future is now!

In 2015, people are 50 times more likely to click, subscribe or buy after watching a video and 81% of businesses are already producing videos for their websites, animated ones being the most popular.

And this is precisely because when you specifically use an animated marketing video to promote your brand, the affectivity of your marketing campaign grows, since -as we said before- they’re perfect for instantly grabbing people’s attention, increasing your conversions rates, engaging the audience and making them identify with your brand, being the perfect pitch to make your big entrance into the future!


Learn more about the future of online marketing with our free infographic and visit our Explainer Video Academy, where you’ll find free educational eBooks, slides and more infographics! Or else keep browsing our blog to get the best explainer video production tips.

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