It's a fact that your marketing initiatives can gain more impact and reach if you customize the content!

If you don't believe us, go over this article in which we explain why broad content is far from being good and why custom video marketing is your best chance to approach and build loyalty among your customers and prospects.

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Broad Content vs Customized Content


Take a minute and try to picture this: your target audience is constantly bombarded with lots and lots of information, news, offers, promotions, and more. Not only this, but they're also in a whirlpool of responsibilities and activities, and don't have time to focus on what is useless or offers no value. Would they be interested in generic and impersonal content? The answer is obvious.

In the face of the hyper-segmentation of the audiences and the great amount of marketing content that's going round and round, people just demand personalized content, fully adapted to their interests, needs and preferences. In this context, broad content can hardly be effective. Your best choice is customizing marketing content and, specifically, customizing video content.

Benefits Of Customizing Your Video Marketing Campaign

Working on a customized video marketing campaign, offering personalized videos for your specific target audience, can bring amazing results for your business. Let's go over some of the benefits it can offer you.

#1: Increase conversions

A generic message could never be as effective as a personalized one. If you tailor it to meet your audience's needs and interests, it will resonate with them. In other words, it will mean something to them.  And believe me: this is a key fact to encourage them to take the next step and convert!

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#2: Quickly deliver your message

Attention spans are your biggest enemy in this modern world. You have to “squeeze” to the maximum this point of contact you have with your audience before they go to your competitor's site. Customized marketing videos gives you the chance to convey a fast, compelling and engaging message to get your audience’s attention.

#3: Leverage the power of emotions

Video content can trigger emotions like no other marketing content tool can do! If you take the time to customize your video so as to make your target audience feel represented by the characters and the story you're telling, this can have a terrific impact on the effectiveness of your message.

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#4: Make your content entertaining

If you provide your viewers with personalized video content, you're creating highly entertaining and amusing content. Basic thing: if they get something they're into, they will feel motivated to keep on watching and even to share it with their peers with similar interests.

#5: Instill trust in your customers and prospects

If your visitors see that your video content is fully adapted to their needs and interests, they will feel more confident towards your product and your brand. They will value the fact that you care about providing your audience with interesting and relevant content.

#6: Stand out from the crowd

Believe it or not, there are still many companies that don't focus on offering personalized content to their audience. If you take such an important step, you will be differentiating from them and getting a competitive advantage.

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#7: Make your content more memorable

Customized video content has another great advantage, if you tailor your message to your specific target audience, then it will resonate with them and you can trigger different positive emotions. This is highly important to make your content even more memorable and catchy.

Now, if you want to go deeper into video content customization, this article might be a great read. Always remember to take some time to fully understand your target audience's expectations and needs, in order to provide them with interesting and valuable content!

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