You might not believe it, but little things such as a good old thumbnail can make a huge difference in the number of views your video gets. Of course there are many elements you can optimize in a video, but the thumbnail usually gets overlooked.

Let´s understand why a well-designed thumbnail plays a key role in your video optimization strategy. Keep on reading!


The Importance Of Thumbnail Optimization for Video Marketing

Thumbnails are important for search and video traffic: think about it...when you make a query on Google, YouTube or another search engine, isn't it the thumbnail of the video that first captures your attention? Thumbnails are probably the top factor that drives people´s eyes. They play a key role when doing searches on the web and, consequently, for gaining more clicks and increasing views.

A good thumbnail can increase conversion rates dramatically: taking for granted that you have  created a great piece of video content, which should drive a good amount of conversions, that content has to be seen first. If you use an attractive and eye-catching thumbnail, this will spark your viewers´ interest in that content, and it will have a direct impact on your conversion rates.

Thumbnails talk about your content: these little snapshots of your video work as some kind of mini-posters. If you want your thumbnails to be accurate and pass on the true essence of your piece, you need to customize them. There's no way out! Here you have a great example of a custom thumbnail from our friends Honest Trailers


What Makes A Good Video Thumbnail?

Remember that, as a rule of thumb (pun intended), a good thumbnail has to grab your audience's attention but, at the same time, portray the content of the video accurately. Having this in mind, let me share some useful tips on how to create an effective thumbnail.

  • In general, a close-up of a person's face usually works very well, especially if the white of the eye is visible.
  • Showing strong emotions can also be beneficial. People tend to feel emotionally connected with when they see emotions being displayed.
  • Adjust the contrast and brightness of the image to make it highly attractive and eye-catching.
  • Make sure the image is still clear and eye-catching even in smaller sizes.
  • Use bright backgrounds so that your marketing video stands out from others. You can also use contrast and outlines to make it even more catchy.
  • Choose colors wisely. Complementary colors work very well (they stand out against each other and therefore they grab people's attention).
  • Try to choose a thumbnail that represents the first 15-20 seconds of the video.
  • Make sure it´s easy to see and to understand, even for a casual viewer.


Bonus Trick

Just like you do with the thumbnail, there are many other general tweaks and improvements you can make to your videos to enhance their performance and boost their visibility. We've already talked about this! Have you missed these blog posts? Don´t worry. Here you have them at your disposal! ;) Check out this article and learn how you can optimize your explainer videos for the #1 social network, Facebook. And also, we recommend that you go over these tips on how to optimize your YouTube videos, maximize the visibility of your videos and spread your word!

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