Social networks are where people spend a lot of their time online nowadays.

No matter how good your video is, if you actually want people to watch it in a way that returns the result your business needs, you need to promote it. And you also need a plan to do so, promotion is about reaching your public in a way and at the moment you want to do so, to achieve the goal you decided your video needed to. And this scheme must be consistent with your entire content strategy. Here are 10 ideas to get your video promotion right.

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1. Statistics:

Analytics applications empower you with every relevant bit of information about whatever is happening on your site, and in onsite videos as well. You can also use the data that the different video platforms provide you with to know if your audience likes certain videos better, or if the call to action button you added is actually making a difference. You need this power, to know if your promotion strategy is performing as planned, or if it requires adjustments.

2. Video Hosting:

Depending on what your video’s objectives are, different video hosting services can be more or less fit for your strategy. Some video hosting platforms are great for SEO, some can be more refined and with a better image quality, and some can provide better options for customization. It is not necessarily better to pick the video hosting site that can help you reach more people, sometimes in your strategy you will want to achieve that by different means, and prioritize the branding customization in your video hosting choice. Here are a few pros and cons of Youtube, Vimeo and Wistia, three important video hosting services.

3. Your video must run on smartphones:

Video happens to be a very “mobile friendly” kind of content. You just can’t afford not to have your video ready for this screen. Your entire website must be responsive, but this is even more critical for your video’s landing page.

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4. SEO:

Images of every kind need to use text, to be found on search engines, because these can’t “read” any other type of content. Of course, video isn’t an exception. You should complete the fields that the video platform you choose to use enables you to. At least, a title, a description, and tags. Using tricks to boost SEO performance can be cool, but write for people first. Adding too many keywords could make your text difficult to read and cause your audience to bounce.

5. Split and share:

Every video consists of several frames which happen to be static images. Using image editors, you can choose the images you like better and share them on social networks with your video’s link. Likewise, you can use them to create animated gifs for the same purpose. This way you won’t make your audience tired as you keep posting videos and getting views.

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6. Use it as an ad:

Although content marketing and advertising are in principle different things, in many cases bending the rules and using your video content as the ads themselves, can be a great way to gain awareness.

7. Video in email:

Reach your contact database with your video. This audience usually consists of clients or prospects who subscribed to your newsletter, so they are more open to watch, share and respond to your video’s call to action. There are certain technical difficulties about embedding a video in an email’s body, but you can use a still image with a play button, or even animated gifs.

8. Press:

Telling good stories is crucial in media nowadays. Even newsmen give a lot of importance to the narrative dimension of their work. If your video presents your story or you can relate it with one, send a press release to blogs and digital media that the audience you are aiming to reach consumes.

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9. Don’t forget your own web:

Link every page of your site you can with your video, to take advantage of the attention your website visitors are already paying you to get quality video views

10. Get Recommended:

Get the right influencers for your audience to share your video. This will help you reach more potential viewers and will make them have a better disposition to watch.

Want to know more about how to promote your video? You can download this free ebook, and get clever insights and a number of best practices to make your video win the internet over. Try it and spread your word!

Links: Think With Google, Edelman.


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