Here’s the situation: you published your animated explainer video and have quite some views. Great!

You are bursting with excitement and are ready to crown your business king or queen of the world. Well, well, well, we don’t want to burst your bubble,  you shouldn’t think that you can measure your marketing video success only by looking at this number. There, bubble bursted.

Your view count is one more number to take into account, but as likes on a Facebook page, it just can’t be considered as a key performance indicator by itself. Not the only one or the most important, at least. If you really want to analyze your results in a way that will let you improve your marketing efforts, take a look at these five metrics. Don’t be fooled!

1) Behaviour

The first piece of advice we can give you on boosting your insights is by being super curious. Following this mantra, discover your reach by considering the following, for starters:

  • On which devices was your video played?
  • What days of the week? Which hours?
  • At which location was it mostly played?

Some video services like Wistia will give you really detailed insights! All of this info is highly valuable, as it enables you to enhance your audience targeting.

2) Average percentage watched

Another crucial piece of information is how much of your video was watched, if there were any replays and if some parts of it were watched again.

Why? Mainly because this statistic can tell you how your content works, what portion works better, and how can you improve it: if people are liking your video, they will continue watching, if they loved it, they might replay it, and if they didn’t like a specific segment… well, they will just navigate away.

If your viewers are leaving the video before completion, this is one clear indicator that you should improve it. Always bear in mind the attention span of the average internet user is of only eight seconds, so make an extra effort to polish that first few seconds to get them hooked.

3) Bounce rate

Are you posting your marketing video on your website? If you are not, you should as this can improve its performance. Also, it will enable you to compare your website metrics prior to you posting it.

Regarding your bounce rate, this KPI shows how many viewers entered your site and left without visiting other pages. In this way, a decrease in your bounce rate means your potential customers are finding your content valuable, thus steering them towards your main goal, which will usually be a conversion.

Tip: If your bounce rate hasn’t changed, consider that maybe it is not your video that isn’t working, it might be its placement. Above the fold of your landing page is the best area to place your video!

4) Average time spent on page

Still looking at your website analytics? Please, do: you should also consider the average time spent on the page where your video was published (remember this should be your landing page!). An engaging explainer video will increase the total time of your page visits, as your viewers will stay while watching!

As you can see, by including your animated explainer video in your website, you can enhance your website metrics, which will mean an improvement of your search engine positioning. Awesome, right?

5) Conversion rate

Taking a look at your conversion rate will help you find out to what extent you are completing your marketing goals, which in turn is the key to knowing your return on investment (ROI).

If your objective was leading your visitors to complete a form and hit the submit button, look at what percentage of them ultimately did this. This holds true for all conversions, which can be almost anything: making a purchase, downloading an eBook, following you on social media and so on.

Now what? Be sure to head over to your explainer video and website metrics to find out how it is actually performing! You’ll find these insights will not only account for the quantity, but also the quality of your viewers and visitors. And this is priceless information for any business!

If you want to be number one in the field of video marketing, be sure to check out our really interesting case study on how we ranked #1 on YouTube. It is a completely free guide that will help you optimize everything, from metadata to content, to video quality, so that you can climb the ladder of the social video giant too. Good luck!

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