Among the many different explainer video styles, character animation stands out for creating a strong connection and identification with your target audience.

This helps a lot in building trust towards your brand, and consequently increase lead generation. Go over this blog post and learn the main characteristics of this type of animated video and how it can help you set up a solid bond with your audience.

Main Features Of Character Explainer Videos

First of all, let me tell you that this type of video works very well for B2C companies that offer a product or a service. They have a strong power to generate different emotions in the target audience, by delivering a simple but compelling message, with cute and fun characters that support the story that is being told.

Check out this cool example:

Now, let's go over the main features of this animated video style.


This is probably one of the most remarkable features about character explainer videos. If you work on a customized animated video and design the characters to be perfectly aligned with the style and look of your target audience, you can generate a strong connection and empathy that make those viewers feel emotionally closer to the story you're telling.

Tip:It is vital to have a thorough understanding of your target audience in order to perfectly craft and shape the animated characters. Keep in mind every single detail like: what they wear, how they look, their movements, the environment, the backgrounds, the objects they have and those they interact with, and more.

In this video, check out how we've designed the characters to fit the description of the target audience.

Human approach

Character animated videos can set up a more personal and human approach, much more than other types of marketing videos. But have in mind that, to get to this point, you need to work on a high quality custom video that makes your characters look credible and lively.


Character explainer videos also offer you a wide range of resources to tell your story: crazy metaphors, fantastic scenarios, and more. Ultimately, they are gifted with a good dose of humor, which makes them highly funny and memorable.



By using this type of video, you can also link with your audience by using a pinch of nostalgia, in order to connect on an emotional level -once more-. Cartoons make us remember those good old times when we were kids, and undoubtedly, those times bring us nice memories, right?


Did you know that character animated videos can be merged with other types of marketing videos to get the most out of each one? Try mixing them with motion graphics or with whiteboard animation and you'll see great results!

As you may know, there are many other video styles you can resort to, depending on your marketing goals and the target audience you want to approach. Don't be in doubt and check out this brief tutorial in which we go over the most popular explainer video styles out there!

We also invite you to surf our Animated Videos playlist on YouTube, so that you can have more fun while you learn more about this lovely video style!

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