You want to meet your marketing goals and, obviously, get the best ROI, right? Then you really have to consider producing a premium explainer video.

Forget about templates or bad quality videos as they will only make you lose time, energy and money! Instead, focus on picking out a professional explainer video production company who develops premium and custom videos. And this sense, today’s blog post will be of great help! We will show you the main differences between a premium explainer video and a “standard” video, and what makes them so special, unique, and effective. This way you'll be fully prepared to ask your vendor for the best results. Enjoy it!


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Two Worlds Apart

You can do some research on the web and you'll find, literally, a bunch of explainer videos. But if you “sharpen your senses” and start paying attention to some details, you will notice that some of them have nothing to do with the others. That's because premium explainer videos and bad quality videos (or even an “ok-it's-fine video”) are just two worlds apart. And we're not exaggerating at all!

First of all, a premium video has great quality, stunning images and animations, and an amazing power to convey a compelling, solid and persuasive message. It’s also developed to meet your brand's specific needs and to generate a strong connection from the viewer towards the story that is being told.  All this make it highly engaging and much more memorable than a “regular” explainer video. Results? You add value to your brand and your product. Honestly, it’s impossible to not see the difference between a premium explainer video and a bad quality video. And people will notice it too. No doubt about it!

Tip: “premium explainer videos” go hand in hand with the concept of “custom video”. A marketing video can be 100% customized to meet your marketing goals and generate a strong bond with your target audience. Not sure on how you can make one? Go over these tips on how to customize your animated marketing video.

5 Musts For a Premium Explainer Video

So, we have picked out some of the most important elements a premium explainer video should have. Check them out!

#1. An eye on the details

It's vital to give every single stage of the video production process the best quality (script, designs, animations, voice-over, transitions, etc.). Focus, dedication and attention are all essential.

#2. A great team

Hiring a talented multidisciplinary team will be the key to get the best results. A good mix of profiles and skills (scriptwriters, producers, art directors, illustrators, marketers, etc.) and a fluent workflow among them will make the difference in the final outcome.

#3. A trained team

It’s great having a mix of profiles. But the professionals also have to be up to date with the latest trends in video production. It's also important that they are trained in narrative, illustration, animation and marketing.


#4. A short movie...or so

To get to a premium video, your explainer video should be treated as if it was a short movie, with all the focus, devotion and good will it deserves.

This video reflects all the love, enthusiasm and commitment it got during production.

embed example

#5. Double-check the process

It's also important to double-check each stage of the video production process by different members of the team to get to an optimal outcome.  

How To Choose A Professional Video Production Company

You can’t take such a big risk of making a premium video by yourself, hum? So you will need to hire a video production company to help you out in this endeavor. The vendor you choose needs to have a thorough understanding of the video marketing world and also have expertise in customer experience. But this is not enough! There are some other considerations you should bear in mind. We have compiled them in our eBook “How to choose the right explainer video company for your business”. Download it for free and get this premium information! :)

We hope this article has been useful. Don't waste more time and start working on your next premium video now! ;)


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