Character animation (also known as cartoon style animation) is one of the most popular explainer video styles.


Animated video production for "GIGTOWN 2" by Yum Yum Videos.

They're popular not only because animated characters add a good dose of fun and entertainment, but also because they do a better job at triggering emotions and empathy in the target audience and generate a strong connection within the story. Let's dive into this interesting animated video style and uncover its main features!

Ideal For B2C Companies

Character animation works great for B2C companies that offer a product or service. If you need to convey a straightforward and engaging message that quickly grabs the attention of your audience and generates positive emotions, this style is perfect.  Additionally, it´s a great choice if you want to share your video on social media platforms, due to its characteristical dose of humor.

Check out this example and laugh for a while!

Human Approach

This video style has a great ability to connect with real people’s emotions. It has a more personal and human approach when compared to other animated marketing videos. But to get to this point it's important to work on a high quality animation, that makes the characters look lively and credible.

Aren't these characters lovely?

A Strong Identification

Another great feature about the character animation style is that people tend to feel represented by the characters that are shown on screen. By working on a custom explainer video that makes the characters look and behave like your real target audience, you can generate this strong connection and empathy: this makes your audience feel emotionally closer to those characters, their problems and the solution you are offering.

Check out this example in which the characters represent perfectly the client's target audience:

A Good Dose Of Humor

Generally, character animation videos are gifted with a good dose of humor, which makes them very fun and memorable. By adding ridiculous scenarios or by using impossible or crazy metaphors you can make your target audience have a great time while you describe your product or service.

A Pinch Of Nostalgia

Cartoons make us feel at home and remember those old good times when we were kids. And hey… all those cartoon shows only bring positive and nice memories, right? What's better than using this resource to pass on your marketing message? This is another way in which character animation connects with your audience on an emotional level.


Character animation gives you the chance to mix this particular style with others, such as motion graphics, and get to an awesome result. By merging both styles, you can give your explainer video a more “serious” approach (which is also great to transmit complex concepts in a concise way).

Here you can see a good example:

Of course, there are many other explainer video styles, for different needs and types of companies. If you want to know what the best choice for your business is, check out this brief tutorial

Stay tuned for more useful tips on video marketing!

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