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If you want to dive into the YouTube analytics world, you have to know that there are many different metrics you can consider, these will depend on the marketing goals of the video and the buyer's journey stage it aims for, some of them could be key performance indicators (KPIs) and some others not. The most important thing you have to remember is that tracking the performance of your videos is the only way to improve your video marketing strategy and, ultimately, optimize its effectiveness.

The YouTube metrics you should be tracking are the following:

  1. Number of views
  2. Watch time
  3. Traffic source
  4. Demographics
  5. Devices
  6. Subscribers
  7. Engagement

Let's see what each of these metrics mean. Keep in mind that they're not necessarily in order of priority.

#1. Number of views

This number summarizes the eyeballs on your video. But it's quite raw, so establish a specific time to measure its performance. The more information you get, the more accurate your analysis will be. YouTube has a very interesting tool, an interactive views graph, in which you can see the spikes your video has. You can also analyze the number of views your video gets after a specific amount of time (3 days, one week, or any other period of time you want). Keep in mind that you have to be consistent with the time period you use to track performance.


#2. Watch time

You already know how many views your video got but more importantly is knowing how engaged people are and how long they're watching for. Also, it's probable that you’ve used a Call To Action at the end of the video so you have to make sure that they watch it entirely. This metric will help you understand if this is happening or not.


#3. Traffic source

Traffic source lets you know where your viewers are watching your videos from. And this is highly important since it enables you to understand which promotional strategies are working and which ones are not. Hence, you'll be able to invest more money in those that have been effective and discard the unsuccessful ones.


#4. Demographics

With this metric you'll learn about the gender, age and country of your viewers. This way, you'll be able to analyze if this matches with your target audience, and you'll understand what type of demographics are generally interested in your video content.


#5. Devices

This metric will let you know which devices are being used to watch your videos and also what type of operating system. By gathering this data you'll be able to wisely invest / reinvest your marketing efforts in order to get the best ROI.

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#6. Subscribers

You can also track how many subscribers you have gained over time. Another good idea is evaluating if you've had a surprising or unexpected loss of subscribers in a specific period of time or, conversely, if you've had a sudden rise. In this case, you can analyze the reasons why this could have happened.

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#7. Engagement

It's also interesting to look at how engaged your viewers are. Regarding engagement, you can analyze metrics such as the number of Likes, Dislikes and Favorites your video gets, the comments your viewers are posting and how they connect with your brand and content, and the number of Shares your video gets ( this is highly important since sharing is one of the best forms of engagement).

Besides YouTube, at Yum Yum we use some other complementary tools to track our video performance. Learn more about the video analytics methodology we follow and stay tuned to our blog to get more valuable tips on video marketing!

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