Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-KIRK-PHONE-thumbEvery day, more and more marketing experts agree that mobile is the future of video marketing. An article by Streaming Media stated that this is a result of the blooming smartphone and tablet market, plus the growing mobile data networks, which are creating a more stable and widespread service. In the same line, a recent report by Adobe revealed that mobile video views jumped 300% last year.

But can the same video fit a smartphone as well as a personal computer? Is any video length okay for mobile devices?


If your company aims to make a marketing video (such as an animated explainer video) for a mobile audience, you should enhance your strategy by knowing exactly what kind of video they’re looking for. We’re going to give you some expert tips on how to make your marketing videos work for this ever-growing mobile audience.



Time is vital when crafting marketing videos for the mobile market. When people watch videos on their smartphones and tablets, they don’t have time to deal with long ones.


The number of users who watch videos all the way to the end start to decline for videos longer than 30 seconds and drop drastically for videos over 2 minutes, so you need to keep your videos brief! At Yum Yum Videos, we aim for 90-second marketing videos; this the right amount of time to deliver your business idea.

However, sometimes it’s better to go for 30 to 60 second video for mobile audiences.Perhaps you won’t be able to explain all of your products and services in 30-60 seconds, but it’s a great amount of time to engage viewers without losing potential customers.

Check out one of our short videos specially crafted for a mobile audience:



Another key factor to making your marketing videos suitable for a mobile audience is the hosting site that you choose to upload it. Nowadays, almost every hosting service is responsive, (adaptable to desktop and mobile devices alike) but you should bear in mind that not every video hosting service offers the same exact benefits for your marketing videos.


If you go for free hosts like YouTube or Vimeo, you must realize that, being video-only sites, you’ll have strong contenders, but your explainer video increases its chances to become popular and viral if you place it in the right category, which also allows your viewers to comment and subscribe to their favorite video producers. Furthermore, when using these hosting services, you don’t have to worry about your video file formats: you can upload it in .wmv .avi .mov .mpg or .mp4 and YouTube will automatically convert it to the flash format.

On the other hand, some hosting services like Wistia or VidYard offer some great additional services like in depth video analytics and customizable players, but you will need to pay extra for these services. Additionally, they surely won’t give you the same online visibility as YouTube, (or Vimeo for that matter) which is the world’s 2nd largest search engine.



One of the greatest things that could happen to an online video is that it gets shared on social media. Adobe says that; though most videos are found through Google’s searches, those that are shared directly on social media have a greater click-through rate and, where do people share most of their videos? That’s right: mobile! Check this out: Twitter users are 86% mobile and Facebook is 68% mobile; so if you’ve put your explainer video on your landing page, you need to optimize it so it can be shared through mobile devices!


Here are some ways you can optimize your videos; First, make sure that your landing page has a responsive design. (hiring a developer should make it easier for you) Your second step is to make sure you always place your explainer video above the fold. (it should be the first thing your visitors’ see) Finally, don’t forget to place your social media links right above or under your embedded video so it’s easy for mobile users to share it!

One more thing about video shareability: bear in mind that humoristic and educational videos own more than 70% of social video traffic, and the great thing about animated explainer videos is that they have both humor and education, making them awesome sharing-candidates!



And make sure to follow this advice to give mobile users the marketing or animated explainer video they’re looking for, and to really boost your mobile marketing campaign! Oh, and before you tweet and share this data from your smartphone, why don’t you visit our Explainer Video Academy? It’s a great marketing place where you’ll find lots of useful free content, such as eBooks, more infographics, slides and educational animated videos.

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