As you know, to keep a successful online presence, your brand content must be a central part of your marketing strategy.

When it comes to inbound marketing, it is all about attracting customers with useful information that will help them make a smart buying decision. See how it works:


Now you know! A smart video strategy will focus on reaching your customers at the right moment during their decision making process. For this reason, planning a video sales funnel can be a great resource to help you make the right choices. It means creating relevant and evergreen video content for each stage of the buyer’s journey:

  1. The Awareness stage: Top of the funnel
  2. The Consideration stage: Middle of the funnel
  3. The Decision stage: Bottom of the funnel

In each stage, your videos will have different objectives and will seek to guide the prospect into the next phase of the buying cycle until they reach a purchase decision, building trust and loyalty towards your brand in the meantime.

1. Top of the Funnel: The Awareness Stage

This first moment of your video sales funnel is the awareness stage of your buyer’s journey and is meant to attract more visitors to your website through educational content.

In this phase, your prospects are starting to become aware that they have a problem and they need to do some research to put it into context. Offering them the right info to address this is the reason that your awareness stage video needs to be educational.

Yummy Tip: How to’s, FAQ’s and inspirational videos with user generated content are great examples of top of the funnel videos.


Not being so salesy might feel weird at first, but top of the funnel videos actually have lots of benefits! Remember, content marketing is not the same as traditional advertising. While providing people with useful information, these videos can:

  • Enhance your brand awareness.
  • Increase web traffic.
  • Reduce your marketing costs by attracting people towards your brand.
  • Guide users into your sales funnel.
  • Engage prospects.

2. Middle of the Funnel: Convert

In the consideration stage of your buyer’s journey, your prospect has a clear idea of what his problem is and is analyzing different ways to solve it.

That is the reason why in the middle of the funnel (MIFU) you must point towards converting your website visitors into leads and informing them about your product. Let them see that you know their pain points and you can help them solve what is bothering them!


Yummy Tip: The right video for this stage could be a product comparison guide, expert guide and even a live interactive video.

The benefits of having a middle of the funnel video are many! You will:

  • Increase conversions.
  • Nurture your leads.
  • Improve the user experience.
  • Enhance your site’s SEO.
  • Drive users down your sales funnel.


Bottom of the Funnel: Close Deals

The decision stage is the last step towards closing a sale. If they are in the bottom of your video sales funnel (BOFU), your viewers already know that you can offer them a solution and they are aware of other possible alternatives.

So what will make them finally choose you? Trust, of course! It will help convert those leads into customers: show them you won’t let them down.

Yummy Tip: Great video types for the bottom of the funnel are video testimonials, case studies, product deep dives, process videos, review videos and about us videos.


The advantages of decision stage videos include:

  • Building brand trust.
  • Speeding up the buying cycle.
  • Increasing sales rates.
  • Generating loyal customers.

All in all, sticking to your video sales funnel will help you boost your return on investment (ROI): when your marketing efforts are better targeted, you get improved results. Have you ever tried targeted videos based on your buyer’s journey? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

If you are thinking it is time to enhance your video marketing strategy, drop us a line! We would love to help you out. See you around! ☺


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