Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-Engine-thumbas the world has evolved, marketing has done it as well, and nowadays one of the best ways to promote any product or service is with an animated explainer video. But  do you know exactly what it is?

In case the answer is no, here it goes, the definition: an explainer video is an audiovisual marketing tool that works to explain a product or service in a way that’s easy, quick and effective. Most of them are animated and can be used to deliver businesses ideas to any kind of targets.

We’re sure you’ve seen at least one of these videos on some landing page or social network, because they’re becoming more popular and many companies have preferred them more and more lately, that’s why today we’ll expose why they are such great marketing tools!

But first, watch one of our best explainer videos, so you can see what we’re talking about:


It’s always the perfect pitch

Animated explainer videos are winning the hearts of marketers because they have countless benefits that make them truly effective. This is why they’re becoming the perfect pitch for so many companies.

These marketing videos not only help you explain in a simple way what your product or service is about, but also help you convert viewers into customers.

And even the statistics confirm this since it’s proven that these marketing videos have the power of increasing sales and conversions by 20% on average and in some cases the rise has gone up to 60%, like what happened with Crazy Egg, a company that actually got to earn $21.000 USD extra a month thanks to their animated marketing video.


But how can you make all of this happen?

Our first recommendation is (if you truly want to increase your sales and conversions) hire a professional explainer video company, so you can make sure you’ll get a great video made!

You must also know there are two different ways of making these videos. One is with the use of templates and the other is customization. Always take the custom way, because that one will accentuate the many benefits of these animated marketing videos.

Here's one of our fully-customized animated marketing videos, as an example:

Customization takes us precisely to our second point in this article. You already know what an explainer video is, but now you must be wondering why it’s such a great marketing tool. To find out, keep on reading!


Your target will identify with your brand

When you make custom animated videos, the possibilities are infinite. One of them is the possibility of personalizing your characters to make them resemble your audience.

This will allow the viewers to easily identify with your brand, and therefore a strong feeling will be created and it will appear as something we call brand love!

To fulfill this, make your characters have -for example- the same age, job, clothing and, most importantly, the same problem your audience has. We assure you this will make your video a great marketing tool.

See in this animated marketing video of ours how we made the characters similar to our client’s target (young music buffs):


The lights will be on you

Yes, we’re not overstating, when you have a marketing video promoting your brand, the lights will be all over you, because these marketing videos will increase your online visibility. But, of course, let’s be realistic, this won’t happen overnight, to achieve this, you need to create a solid SEO strategy.

Use the right keywords and place your video everywhere you can, from YouTube and your own landing page, to social networks and affiliate’s blogs. Also, at the end of your video, make sure you add a call-to-action, to specifically tell the audience what to do after watching your video, it can be buying the product, sharing the video online, downloading an eBook or just clicking the “Like” button.

All of these factors, as we already mentioned, will increase your brand’s visibility and your conversions as well, because the video will reach a larger amount of potential customers.

See in this video how the call-to-action was resolved:


The numbers are with us

What you’ve read so far are the reasons why these videos are such a great marketing tool, but now let’s see in numbers what else this audiovisual instrument can do for us:

● Having a marketing video will make your visitors stay much longer on your landing page, as the average visit time on any website is of only 8 seconds, but when there’s a video on it, it raises up to 2 minutes!

● 85% of people are more likely to buy a product or service when they see it in video format.

● People tend to retain only 10% of what they hear, but 50% of what they see. This means video is much more effective when there is something you need to promote. 


So as you can see, the benefits of animated marketing videos are countless and every time more companies are using them due to their true effectiveness. And in case you’re undecided about how your video should be, we’ll tell you now what the best explainer video style for your business is:


There is so much to say about this subject that we could fill an entire book of hundreds of pages. And, in some way, we’ve done it: download our free educational eBook “The Ultimate Marketing Tool” and visit our Explainer Video Academy to find infographics, slides and even more eBooks.

Or else keep browsing our blog to get the best explainer video production tips!

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